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How much info to give on a postdoc application

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    Currently my wife and I are stuck in a two body problem with a separation of about 1500 miles. I have been looking for postdocs in her area (not many but a few more within a few hundred miles). My question is whether it is at all appropriate to mention the living situation and how getting that job would resolve it. Or is it better to not even mention that?

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    Personally, I wouldn't bring it up as a primary motivation. I wouldn't mention it in a cover letter, or have it be the first thing out of your mouth on an interview. It might give the impression the only reason you're interested in the job is because of the location.

    On the other hand, I wouldn't cover it up either. From my experience on hiring committees I know that one of the unspoken questions can be what the person's spouse or partner does. Technically, I'm not sure if we're even allowed to ask about that and so it's never formally brought up. But people on the hiring committee know that if the partner is local, there's a greater chance the candidate will stick around.
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