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How much propulsion would i need to move my 300 pound hovercraft?

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    How much propulsion would i need to move my 300 pound hovercraft?
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    This is rather a "how long is a piece of string" question but as it takes very little force to move a hovercraft once it is air born I would go for about a 1KW fan.
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    How fast does one want to travel, or accelerate.

    Is one asking about the hovering, or the lateral travel?
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    Google found this page which has details of several 150kg/330lbs racing hovercraft...


    Seems they use a 40-60 BHP engine with 25% used for lift and 75% used for thrust. So looks like about 30-40bhp for thrust would make it reasonably quick.
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    Unless it has a large frontal area, and you are traveling into a headwind.

    I've spent 20+ years boating up and down my river. Reality trumps textbook all the time.

    It's easy to design a hovercraft to travel across a glass smooth lake, with no wind. It's totally another thing to design one to traverse 6 foot swells, with a 30 mph headwind.


    Bryce, solve for Fd.
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