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How to become a string theorist in India?

  1. May 14, 2015 #1
    i'm in 10th standard and am fascinated about theoretical physics.i have started reading books related to it-"brief history of space and time","The Elegant Universe"by Brian Greene.of all the stuff,i'm mostly interested in the string theory.my concern is that is there a scope for being a theoretical physicist in India?if so how should i achieve it and what else should i do right now to have an advantage for this field?
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    thank u for helping.
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    You are not fascinated by theoretical physics. You are fascinated by the physics portrayed in the media. There is a huge difference between the two. If you're serious about physics, then you should start reading actual math and physics books. Start by learning things like trigonometry and geometry. Then you can tackle calculus and actual physics books.
    If you just want to read pop-sci books, that's perfectly fine, I like to read them as well. But that's not what physics is.
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    can u please recommend some books?
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    What is your current knowledge of mathematics and physics?
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    i'm familiar with trigo,algebra and geometry.in physics know the theory of relativity,laws of motion and a little bit about quantam physics.
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    yeah i will check it out.thanks for your help.
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