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How to build a career in automobile industry?

  1. Mar 5, 2013 #1


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    Hi everyone!

    This is Mohammad Umar. I am a mechanical engineering student here in Delhi, India.

    There are many things that are running in my mind right now regarding my career.
    Its already high time now!

    I am planning to go to Germany for my M.S in automobile as I am really really into engine and stuff! i took up mechanical engg so that I could learn mechanisms and build an engine of my own! I know thats too childish but theres no harm in dreaming ;)
    I've worked on a couple of projects, made a 300cc, 10 H.P All Terrain Vehicle for a competition SAE BAJA 2013.
    Currently planning to build a two stroke quad bike.
    .I had a few queries in my mind
    What are the different fields I can go into once I complete my engineering?
    How will I have to go about if I want to work in any of the dream companies, be it Lamborghini, Maserati etc..?
    Any comment is welcome.
    ( This was my first post so was a bit nervous :) )
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    I don't think thats childish at all.
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