How to calculate maximum load of the box

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    Hi I attached the file. there are 3 different types of forces applied.
    and material's yield strength is 55.1 MPa or 8000 psi.
    I want to find maximum load of box for each types.
    I dont know which equation I can use. because the box is empty.
    the dimension of box is
    width: 70mm, length: 85mm, and height: 65mm.
    and thickness of four sides 6mm and thickness of top and bottom is 10mm.
    Which equation I can use for the three different types of forces applied

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    Simon Bridge

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    "Maximum load" before what happens?

    That it deforms plastically? (hint: use defnition of "yield strength")
    Or something else?

    Note: Each pic appears to show two boxes.
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