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I How to calculate the area under a curve

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    I was doing some integral exercises for getting area under the function. I was doing only more simple stuff, like functions that don't go over the same "x area" multiple times, like a quadratic function. My question is how to calculate area of a loop in an equation x^3+y^3-3axy=0 if let's say a is 1.

    Thank you for your answers in advance
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    If I create a function out of this equation, I get
    Would the answer be correct, if I would use a definite integral to integrate this function to get the area of the loop?
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    The function you have will certainly won't give you the answer if you integrate it alone. You need a function for top part of the loop and one for the bottom part of the loop. On the top part the function is increasing and decreasing on the bottom part.
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