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How to choose where to publish?

  1. Aug 18, 2010 #1
    What should be better journal to publish
    Royal Chemical Society Journals (eg Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics ) or Materials Science Forum (Trans Tech Publications)?
    Thank you!
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  3. Aug 18, 2010 #2
    The journal with the highest impact factor?
  4. Aug 18, 2010 #3


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    This question has as much meaning as my question here:

    "What color suits me better - purple or pink?"

    If you say that it depends on my skin complexion, other outfit am I wearing, etc.. etc., then BINGO!

    Furthermore, shouldn't someone within your collaboration (or your supervisor/boss) would have a clue on where to publish? They certainly would know more than strangers on an internet forum!

  5. Aug 18, 2010 #4
    I second what ZapperZ says, of course.

    The reason we cannot possibly answer your question is that it depends on a number of things - not least of all the content in your paper. You want to (presumably) maximize the chances the paper will be accepted and published. Then, if you submit to a journal that isn't known for carrying your type of work you're in the wrong place.

    Are you a grad student or? Like Zapper says, someone you are working with should know where to submit to.
  6. Aug 18, 2010 #5
    this is what i would like to do but I do not know how to find which of those has an higher impact factor.
    Thank you!
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    Ask a librarian. That's what they get paid to do.

    It is still puzzling that you do not have anyone at your institution or collaborators who you can ask.

  8. Aug 18, 2010 #7
    Also if you don't have people that go through the paper to critique and edit it, it's extremely unlikely that it's going to get published anywhere.
  9. Aug 19, 2010 #8
    This is because my boss is not the person to ask us about us and he is asking others about ask, so I do not want to ask my colleagues about this as they can say to him about our discussion and he knows we have different opinion on this.
    Not always the situation is excellent but better in this lab than jobless.

    I will do this! Thank you!
  10. Aug 20, 2010 #9
    How is the impact factor 1.742?
    Thank you!
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