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How to design a simple temperature controlled electrical heating system ?

  1. Nov 19, 2014 #1
    I have a cylindrical aluminium tube ( Diameter- 8cm, Length-15 cm, Thickness - 0.5cm ). It is insulated from bottom and open from above. I want to raise the temperature inside the tube maximum upto 300 degree celcius in a controlled fashion. I want to use electric coils to heat it. Can any one guide me have to proceed about this problem.
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    I suppose that it depends upon what sort of control you want. The only things that immediately come to mind if you want it "stepped" is to incrementally increase or decrease the current in a single coil or to have several separate coils that can be set to come on at certain times.
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    Thankyou. i will incrementally increase or decrease the current. But i dont know which wire i should use to make the coils? How much current i should pass through the coils to generate temperatures around 300 Celsius ? How can i control the temperature ?
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    that tube will be REALLY hot and needs to be isolated/shielded to avoid any unwanted contact with flesh.
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