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How to design dc to ac inverter

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    how to design dc to ac inverter
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    Simon Bridge

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    Re: inverter

    I've never designed an inverter. One reason is that while I was an engineer at Motorola, I had a summer intern, a student from MIT, working for me. When we decided to design an inverter she told me I should call her dad for some pointers. Her dad happened to be vice president of the division at Motorola that made ballasts for florescent lights which are really inverters. So I called him. He asked me if I'd ever designed an inverter before and I said no. He said, "If you've never designed an inverter before, don't." and that was that.

    At that time Motorola offered kits with all the components and a printed circuit pattern for doing your own PC board. You might look for something like that. Another company that sells a lot of components for inverters is Linear Technologies. Call them and ask to speak with an applications engineer. He'll be able to help you.
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