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How To Design Solonoid Coil for AC Voltage

  1. Nov 8, 2014 #1
    Hello Friends,

    Can you help to solve the problem of my solenoid coil as before i created 12VDC coil & its working fine thanks for that help guys. but now i want 240 VAC solenoid coil. so can you please help me which SWG I have to select. how many turns have to select..i want the equitation how to calculate it.

    Voltage is 240VAC
    Ohms 10000

    Thank You Friends
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    The current through an AC coil is limited by the coil resistance, R, and the coil inductance, L, in series.
    Zcoil = R + j XL The reactance, XL, is proportional to power frequency, XL = 2 * π * fHz * L.

    If you halve the cross section area of the wire, you will be able to wind twice the length on the former, the resistance will rise by four times, (half the area and twice the length), the inductance will also rise by four times since the inductance is proportional to the square of the number of turns.

    You have specified “Ohms 10000” so I assume you want Zcoil = 10k
    You must calculate the resistance and inductance of the coil for different wire diameters and solve for the diameter that gives the minimum cost of wire. Then √(R2 + XL2) = 10k
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    Thank you for your replay,

    I would like to appreciate if you explain with an example.. because i m new & its very hard to understood. or give some link or document for reference.

    My bobbin length is 18mm & radius is 4 mm

    Again Thank you very much sir
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