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How to determine whether a route overlaps another route in Google Map?

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    I've two routes in google map:

    i) A ---> B
    ii) C ---> D

    How can I determine if these routes overlap or not?
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    I dont know any computer science....

    But my first thought is to list each route as a collection of points and then search for a match between the collections of points. This presumes that your routes are taking place on a gird with well defined points.
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    I can't find a specific API function to determine if 2 routes overlap. However there is one that returns a route as a list of latitude/longitude pairs and you should be able to work it out from that.


    The algorithm to determine if 2 lines intersect is basic maths and is wikipedia


    If you actually need code for that, I am sure someone on stackoverflow can be persuaded to do it for some internet karma points.
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