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How to evaluate Nonorthogonal basis?

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    hi all~
    How to evaluate the performance of a set of nonorthogonal basis?
    Like one in Hibert space which is most likely to be a nonorthongal set.
    Does it have any advantage compared with orthogonal ones in any aspects?

    i dont even know every to get started:confused:
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    I am not sure what you mean by "evaluate". "Orthonormal" bases have the nice property that the coefficient of the basis vector [itex]\vec{e}_i[/itex] in the expansion of [itex]\vec{v}[/itex] is just the dot product: [itex]\vec{e}_i\cdot\vec{v}[/itex].

    Other than that, there is nothing special about orthogonal bases.
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    i mean whether there is any kind of measurement which can be used to evaluate any aspect of a set of basis vectors.
    i.e. we can use reconstruction error to evaluate the descriptive ability of a set of basis vectors.(The only way i know)

    i havnt learned much on this aspect and i have searched on wikipedia for a long time with no progress.:frown:

    i dont know whether i have made my question clear.
    sry for my poor eng.:biggrin:
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