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How to filter noise from an inductive pickup. low pass filter.

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    i am making a tachometer which will count pulses from an inductive pikup connected to an HT lead on an engine. i am having great difficulty when measuring my signal from the pick up as there is a huge amount of noise. can anyone raccomend the best way to clean this up? someone mentioned an active low pass filter, maybe a third order but i am not too familiar with these. any information will be appreciated.
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    First determine where the noise is entering the circuit. Take steps to prevent this. I've worked with inductive pickup sensors and generally the sensor itself does not pick up anything except excessive interference. How many wires go to this sensor?
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    Be careful of the filtering. Inductive coupling is AC coupled. The "signal" may be a ringing (damped sine wave) waveform. Is this a Hall Effect pickup?
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