How to find a short-term Visiting Position in Quantum Computation?

  1. How to find a short-term Visiting Position in the area of Quantum Computation? I interesting to collaboration with other research groups.
    One of my results is Probabilistic Simulation of entangled states and Quantum Computation. I have the computer's program for simulation of Qubits in Pascal.
    But for the father progress of realization Quantum Algorithms on Probabilistic computer I hope to collaboration. As single researcher I need to collaborations and discussions before the publish. I work in the one of Russian Universities.
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    First thing to do is, of course, to read publications in the field. Correspond with the authors of papers you find interesting. After you have established a personal relationship with some of them, ask that they suggest, to the chair of their department, a visiting position.
  4. I know 3-4 colleagues on international Conferences.
    They are asked me to send my program. I was send. They answer Thanks.
    Are you meaning that I must to ask they about visiting? But they are not an administrators. They are researches and if they can, I think, they have been made. Because I don't ask they.
    Is there another way? For example. What the name of Centers of Theoretical Physics can to address short-term visiting researchers?
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