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How to find monostatic RCS of flat strip.

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    I'd appreciate some help finding the monostatic RCS of a flat strip of length a. I have figured out the necessary expression for the scattered field but am having difficulties figuring out the requisite approximations for arriving at the desired sinc result. If I provided all the expressions, would anyone here be willing to assist?
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    The wikipedia article explains Radiation Cross Section pretty well...


    Unless of course you are asking about something else... :wink:
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    I think you are asking about the RCS of a dipole of length a.
    The dipole response for reception will be proportional to Sin(θ).
    The dipole response for retransmission will be proportional to Sin(θ).
    The radar reflection equation will be the product, so proportional to Sin2(θ)
    But the RCS is specified relative to an equivalent sphere, which I believe brings it back to the sinc function.

    Google; ' antenna mode RCS of a dipole '
    You will find references like; http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a080989.pdf
    RADAR countermeasures that employed dipoles as scatterers, developed during WWII, were called Chaff, Window or Duppel.
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    I have developed all the necessary expressions for finding the desired RCS but am having difficulties applying the approximations. If I included my work here would anyone be kind enough to assist?
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