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How to get an entry level job in the Big Data industry?

  1. Mar 25, 2013 #1
    How to get an entry level job in the "Big Data" industry?

    I.e. developing algorithms and crunching numbers for Netflix, Twitter, etc.
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    I don't know exactly how to get you a job in one of these firms, but you may start by having a very good background in statistics and data analysis, and have shown an interest in the field. For instance, there is a site called kaggle that has a lot of challenges in Big Data and machine learning. Starting there and making yourself a name would be a good step.

    Here are a few references of talks/books/courses that may help you:

    - OCW's How to Process, Visualize and Analyze Data
    - Coursera's Data Analysis
    - Davenport's Enterprise Analytics: Optimize Performance, Process, and Decisions Through Big Data
    - Ratner's Statistical and Machine-Learning Data Mining: Techniques for Better Predictive Modeling and Analysis of Big Data

    Have fun!
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    That kaggle site is awesome.

    A large corporation gets to outsource a problem presumably for a price to Kaggle then data scientists complete this work for the privilege of saying they did it best.
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