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How to get my site noticed?

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    About a month ago, I started my own website, and I'm trying to get it more noticeable on search engines. The site is a math forum, similar to this site, but focusing more on solely math. The site is on Google, although typing in anything like "math help, math discussion, math forum, etc." doesn't show my site at all. I've written meta tags on the main page, and I'm running out of ideas.

    Any suggestions?
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    get noticed, and get linked to from sites like this.

    google's page rank is not as susceptible as it use to be to any finagling from software tools.
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    I can think of a few things: make a http://www.searchengineworld.com/robots/robots_tutorial.htm" file so that other search engines can index your site, submit your site to more search engines like MSN, Yahoo!, AltaVista, A9, Lycos, etc.

    The reason your site doesn't appear toward the top of the search list is because it needs more traffic. You'll notice that a lot of keywords such as "physics help" and "physics discussion" eventually yield PF because of its high traffic.

    You can also build a userbase, and by that I mean some loyal members of your site that can help spread the site and advertise it to their friends or on other websites (as long as it is not SPAM).

    Good luck on your website! :)
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    This is called SEO and is an art in itself. ComputerGeek gave a good idea, you should get linked to by other sites.. Also you need crawled by the search engine spiders. I have seen a technique, which feeds these spiders pages that are optimised for Search engine algorthims, however pushes users to the correct pages.. The technique is called stealth or phantom pages.. If you are any good at coding then you can code your site to use this technique, but search engines dont like this behaviour... Dont ask me how to do it, cause I dont know..
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    It's a good way to get banned from search engines, don't do this.
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    yeh true, they dont like it...
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    You also might want to check out SEOpen plugin for firefox

    nice tool for the budding web-masters...

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    What's the url of your site, Jameson? Since we did help you build it, I'd like to at least see it.
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    Heh, it's www.themathforum.com. Right now it just uses phpBB forum, but I hope to upgrade to VBulletin. It's similar to this site, but I really want it to focus
    more on solely math and philosophy.

    And thanks to everyone for their help!
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    The key is traffic. My site, for example, usually appears as the top search for "themodule"; however, due to lack of traffic lately it has been losing that top spot. Today I think it is second.
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