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I How to get plot (optical gain of GaAs)?

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    How can i calculate this plot (photon energy dependence of the optical gain (or loss = negative gain) of GaAs with the injected carrier density as a parameter?
    Show calculated plot based on this equation
    plot.jpg equ.jpg
    Given parameter:
    mc=0.067 me; (effective mass of electrons in conduction band)
    mv=0.48 me; (effective mass of holes in valence band)
    T2~0.5 ps; (lifetime for coherent interaction of electrons with a monochromatic field)
    Eg=1.43 eV; (energy band gap of GaAs)
    taung~3x10-9s; (recombination lifetime)
    1/mr=1/mc+1/mv; ( reduced effective mass)
    n= 3.6: (refractive index for GaAs)

    How can i find this value
    ħω (energy of photon)- this should be ħω>Eg. How can i determine this energy?
    ω0 ( if i known λ0, can i get ω0? (ω=c/λ))

    Really I need your help. I am new for semiconductor laser. Please any one help me.
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