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How to join honeycomb and skin in ansys apdl for sandwich structure

  1. Jun 10, 2015 #1
    I modeled honeycomb core and face sheet seperately now i want to add or glue them to make a sandwich but it shows error so how can i join them.anyone please
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  3. Jun 10, 2015 #2
    I think you need to give more information?
  4. Jun 11, 2015 #3
    My first problem has been solved i draw face sheet above the core,but when i am using shell 281 for skin and shell 181 for honey comb core which i found best for the purpose the meshing is not achieved in case of shell 281 for skin many errors are coming like mid point nodes cannot be meshed.can any one pls tell me which element i choose for skin of a honeycomb sandwich beam.its urgent.thanks in advance
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