What is Calculus based physics: Definition and 58 Discussions

In mathematics, secondary calculus is a proposed expansion of classical differential calculus on manifolds, to the "space" of solutions of a (nonlinear) partial differential equation. It is a sophisticated theory at the level of jet spaces and employing algebraic methods.

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  1. Zagreus

    Courses Algebra or Calculus based physics to start with?

    Hi all, So I'm interested in going to university to study Theoretical Physics but it's been a couple years since high school and I've forgotten pretty much everything about what I learned in physics class. I've always been interested in mathematics though so I went and learned calculus a while...
  2. C

    The Force components acting on an object

    Another user suggested adding the forces in the x and y direction then dividing by 1.4. Doing this for A) gave me 4.285 which was wrong any suggestions?
  3. C

    A 2.0x10^4 kg rocket has a rocket motor that generates….

    I tried A with the solution of 9.73 and 8.69 both wrong.
  4. astroman707

    Courses Is it okay to not understand the calculus in intro physics?

    I don't understand a good portion of the non-algebraic math behind much of the physics in my first semester college class. I understand everything with algebra, and can solve all problems, but I don't understand the relationships with vector cross/dot products, calculus derivations, DE, etc...
  5. astroman707

    What angle will give the object the greatest range?

    Homework Statement 1-A rifle can shoot a projectile with a velocity of 207m/s. At what angle should the rifle be pointed to give the maximum range? 2-Evaluate the maximum range Homework Equations N/A The Attempt at a Solution I considered at first that the problem seemed like it could be...
  6. astroman707

    Courses Is there much difference between algebra- and calculus-based physics

    I’m in an honors calc-based physics 1 course at my college and I can’t audibly understand my professor. I tried looking for tutorials online, but I have no idea if what I’m looking at is calc-based physics or alg-based physics, and I don’t want to learn the wrong methods. Is there a difference...
  7. astroman707

    Plot the position of the particle x=Acosbt

    Homework Statement The position of a particle as a function of time is given by x=Acosbt, where A and b are constants. The first question asks to roughly plot the position of the particle over the time interval (0,7) seconds. The second asks what time the particle passes the origin, and what...
  8. G

    Courses How to prepare for Calculus Based Physics 2?

    hello, Some background I transfer to SUNY Albany in Fall 2017 and took the following courses Organic chemistry 1: C+ Calculus 2: B- A PHY 140 Physics I: Mechanics (3): E (like F) An introduction to the fundamentals of physics: Classical Mechanics. Topics include the concepts of force, energy...
  9. E

    Database of physics powerpoint slides?

    Is there any website that has a database of physics (or other course) powerpoint slide sets? For example, I am teaching both an introductory physics class, and a separate calc-based physics class of what should be the same general material as the non-calc-based. For the former class I am using...
  10. E

    Difficult version of boatman problem

    1. Problem A boatman crosses a river of width ##D## from a point ##O##, looking to get to point ##A## on the opposite riverbank. Suppose that the flowrate is uniform with velocity of magnitude ##v_0##. The boat has a velocity ##\vec{v_1}## relative to the water, with constant magnitude, and it...
  11. dUDEonAfORUM

    Find transverse velocity given an equation of displacement

    Homework Statement A wave pulse on a string is given by D(x) = D[0][/SUB]/(x[2][/SUP]+a[2][/SUP]), where D0 is a constant with units of cm3 and a is a constant with units of meters. a. If the wave moves along the string at a velocity of v in cm/s, what is the transverse velocity of particles...
  12. M

    Intro Physics Textbook recommendations for calculus based physics course

    Hello! So I need some textbook recommendations for calculus based physics course. I have taken an algebra/ trigonometry physics course last semester, but now I'm taking a calculus based. I have a textbook which the professor told us will follow our course. The book is Fundamentals of Physics...
  13. D

    Calc-based physics question

    Homework Statement In a physics laboratory the value of g , the gravitational acceleration in the vicinity of Earth, has been measured accurately by projecting a ball up an evacuated tube and electronically timing the passage of the ball in its upward and downward flight through two light...
  14. C

    Electric Field of Line Charge with Displaced Origin

    Homework Statement Positive charge Q is distributed uniformly along the x-axis from x = 0 to x = a. Determine a. The electric field produced by the charge distribution Q at points on the positive x-axis where x > a. b. A point charge q is then placed at x = a + r. Determine force on q due to Q...
  15. C

    I About extrinsic curvature

    I know two kinds formulas to calculate extrinsic curvature. But I found they do not match. One is from "Calculus: An Intuitive and Physical Approach"##K=\frac{d\phi}{ds}## where ##Δ\phi## is the change in direction and ##Δs## is the change in length. For parametric form curve ##(x(t),y(t))##...
  16. Greg Bernhardt

    The Complete Idiot's Guide to Calculus

    The Complete Idiot's Guide to Calculus INTRODUCTION I've never really been very good at math and when I found out I had to take a Calculus class I started to panic. Once I gathered myself I went to the local bookstore to see if I could get a book to read so i could get a heads start. We are...
  17. A

    Fourier's Equations: difficult problem

    Homework Statement So I have a problem where I have a series and two other parallel insulators bringing a system from a temperature of Tzero to Ttwo. However, the two aforementioned temperatures have a huge difference thus causing kappa to vary with temperature. I am trying to know how to...
  18. A

    Simple harmonic motion (with calculus)

    Homework Statement An object with mass m undergoes simple harmonic motion, following 2 perpendicular directions, described by the equations: x=a cos (wt), a>0, y=b cos (2wt), b>0 a) find the equation of the trajectory b) find the speed at any given time (so having t as a variable) c) the...
  19. J

    Green's first identity at the boundary

    As required by the Green's identity, the integrated function has to be smooth and continuous in the integration region Ω. How about if the function is just discontinuous at the boundary? Actually, this function is an electric field. So its tangential component is naturally continuous, but the...
  20. Scott Hill

    Intro Physics A new online introductory E&M textbook (in progress…)

    Hi! I am writing a calculus-based HTTP://textbook.scotthill.us. It is an HTML-based book with animations, interactive demos, quizzes, and so forth. The first draft is almost complete (I still have to write chapters on integration, induction, and wave optics), but I wanted to share it with a...
  21. G

    Calculus based physics Vs. algebra based physics

    I haven't gotten any knowledge of physics. I didn't have the opportunity to take it during my high school due to the biology state exam. Will it hurt to take it this semester? Will the calculus based physics be taught the same as general physics (non-calculus based)? If this isn't a good idea...
  22. T

    Calc based physics with no calc experience/how to learn?

    Hello! I'm going to take calculus based physics and calculus 1 in the fall. At my school they're corequisites. But I'd like to do well in both of them. It really worries me that I'm taking calculus based physics when I haven't ever taken any calculus before. Should I take cal based physics while...
  23. J

    Algebra based physics first?

    Do you have to take algebra/trig based physics first in order to understand calculus based physics better? Or is algebra based physics even required for calculus based physics?
  24. RaulTheUCSCSlug

    Classical First Book in physics course?

    I was just curious on what was everyone's first Physics book, or what was their first encounter with Physics? My first academic physics book that was not calculus based was my junior year of high school and was Conceptual Physics: The High School Physics Program by Paul G. Hewitt, and then...
  25. B

    Calculus Online Calculus Based Physics Textbook

    First post here, so apologies if there is a similar thread. None came up on my first search. I am looking for a free online calculus based physics textbook suitable for introductory physics. Thanks in advance.
  26. E

    Calculus based Physics book for undergraduate needed

    Hi all, So I'm a first year undergrad and I really don't like the book I'm currently using at uni; Matter and Interactions by Chabay. I have been searching PF a lot and found out that the best book is Halliday/Resnick/Walker or Krane but I'm not sure which one to get? There are the books...
  27. H

    Calculators Ti-Nspire Calculus based physics programs

    Hi guys, I am a freshman engineering student and recently bought a ti nspire for my calculus based physics class. The teacher strongly recommends getting programs for his class on our calculators to make our lives a lot easier. I've been looking everywhere for programs for like centripetal...
  28. A

    How much trig should I know before taking calculus based physics?

    I'm taking my first semester of calculus based physics next week. How much trig should I know? I know the basics and inverse trig functions and stuff but should i know about trignometric equations, double angle and half angle formulas, product-to-sum and sum-to-product formulas? I passed both...
  29. D

    Algebra Based Physics vs. Calculus Based Physics

    When I entered college as a freshman, I was in a biotechnology major, which was one of the less rigorous science majors offered at the university. It required only algebra based physics. I took classical mechanics spring semester freshman year, and I took electricity, magnetism, light, and...
  30. S

    Calculus Based Physics Question

    Homework Statement A 3kg box is held up high in the air by a a rope with negligible mass. The rope's tension is depends on the function of time T(t) = (36N/s)*t. The box is at rest at t = 0. Only the forces tension and gravity act on this box. a) What is the velocity at t = 1.0s? b)...
  31. N

    Best books of calculus based physics

    Hi everyone, I just bought Physics for Scientists and Engineers 8th ed by serway and jewett, is it a good textbook for calculus based physics since I'm a student of physics at university ? Which is the best calculus based physics textbook ? I'm a student who wants to master even the proofs...
  32. P

    Take Calculus Based Physics?

    I am dissapointed in the fact that I got a 71 in my algerbraic grade 11 physics class. The thing that hurts me the worst is the fact that the average of the class was 73. I have the oppurtunity to take a mechanics calculus based physics class in cegep. Should I take it or should I try to take...
  33. I

    What topics in calc-based physics 1 use calculus?

    Hey guys, I'm wondering what topics in calc-based physics 1 (classical mechanics) actually use calculus. The only few that I can think of are motion laws, Newtons laws, work, SHM(?). Anything else that I'm missing (well I've only taken algebra based physics and calc 1, but I'm wondering what...
  34. X

    Calculus based physics - Energy

    Homework Statement As a particle moves along the x-axis it is acted upon by a single conservative force given by Fx=(22-2.0x)N where x is in m. The potential energy associated with this force has the value +40 J at the origin (x=0). What is the value of the potential energy at x=4 m...
  35. Hunus

    Calculus based Physics book

    I am currently in Calc II and am curious if anyone has any recommendations for a physics book that is less trig based and would allow me to utilize the skills I have gained with Calculus.
  36. D

    Calculus Based Physics, Need Help

    I am taking my first physics class at school and seem to be having a hard time doing the problems(web assign problems). The course is calculus based which is okay with me because I am in Calc 3. Problem is that I can not find any good Calc based physics resources. My book "Physics for Scientists...
  37. A

    Dumbing down of Calculus Based Physics

    I am trying to learn calculus based physics, but I am unhappy with the book that I currently use. I want a comprehensive introductory physics resorce that is not afraid to use introductory calculus. (The book that I have sometimes stays away from it). Can anyone suggest such a resorce? [Edit]...
  38. K

    Introductory calculus based physics books?

    Here's my first semester course description: I want to self study during summer and was wondering what book would be best to cover all these topics? In case it matters, I've taken Calculus I and am pretty comfortable with it..
  39. M

    Courses Is this normal for a first calculus based physics course

    my course uses university physics with modern physics but it only goes through chapter 1 -10 and if time permits 13 they are: 1 Units, Physical Quantities, and Vectors 2 Motion Along a Straight Line 3 Motion in Two or Three Dimensions 4 Newton's Laws of Motion 5 Applying Newton's Laws 6 Work...
  40. T

    Self-Taught Calculus based Physics ?

    Hello all, I'm going into my junior year of high school and have just begun my IB diploma program. I just transferred from a public school, where I had taken AP Physics B during my sophomore year... The IB Physics class here is non-calculus based, and is basically the exact same thing as the...
  41. Gamma

    Calculus Based Physics course

    I need to develop a calculus based physics curriculum for a small 2-year college. Do you have any suggestions for texts that might be useful to me in this process? If you are currently teaching a calculus based physics course, which text are you using? Thank you in advance. Gamma
  42. E

    Introductory Calculus Based Physics, Help save Matt's life. He needs you.

    Hello all, this is my first of likely many posts here at the newly discovered Physics Forums. I'll do my best to help others out, and hopefully will receive the same in return. I've gotten through about 3/4 of a large problem that I'm working through in my book (no solution manual FTL). Here's...
  43. J

    Recommend me a calculus based physics text?

    I'm going to take an engineering physics class which is just simply a calculus-based physics class. Any suggestions for a book? The class uses Serway's Physics for scientists and engineers, but I've heard of other authors like Resnick, Giancolo, etc. Thanks.
  44. P

    Engineering Student Asks: Take Physics I-A Without Calc Pre-Req?

    I an engineering student and I'm looking for a little advice. The instuctor at my school is giving me a chance to take Physics I-A (calculus based), opposed to General Physics (algebra & trig. based), without having the pre-req. for the class. The pre-req. is Cal. I-II and I'm taking those in...
  45. S

    Need a GREAT introduction book to calculus based physics

    All- I am currently an undergrad about to embark on Physics I (Calculus Based). I took AP Physics in High School, but the teacher was awful and I never felt like I actually understood anything that I was "learning". The professor that I will have this upcoming fall is undoubtedly...
  46. P

    Algebra or Calculus Based Physics for Architecture

    I will be applying to architecture schools and I will need to take the appropriate physics course. Should I go for physics that utilizes algebra or that which employs calculus?
  47. T

    Good Calculus Based Physics Textbook

    I looked around for a bit on the forums to try and see if my question had been asked/answered already, but didn't see it. So, I decided to register and ask. I was wondering if anyone knows of a good introductory Calculus based Physics textbook for self study. I have one semester of Calculus...
  48. G

    Need High School Calculus Based Physics Text

    My department is seeking some leads for a good high school physics text that can be used for our AP Physics students. We are looking for something therefore that would be Calculus based. Do any of you have any good leads on this topic? Thank you! gb
  49. O

    Calculus based physics problem. (energy and fricition)

    In the figure, a 3.8 kg block slides along a track from one level to a higher level after passing through an intermediate valley (frictionless). The track is frictionless until the block reaches the higher level. There a frictional force stops the block in a distance d. The block's initial speed...
  50. A

    Recommend calculus based physics book?

    I'm looking for recommendations for a calculus based physics textbook for my 11th grade daughter to use independently. She is taking AP Physics B at school and would like to self-study for the AP Physics C exam (probably only the mechanics part this year and then electricity and magnetism next...