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B How to prevent static from building up on me

  1. Feb 1, 2017 #1
    I've recently been developing a lot of static electricity and it's very annoying as I get shocked when i touch metal objects or other people. This isn't like it happens every time I touch something though.

    It just happens after I take off my jacket for example. So then I have to find some metal object to touch to discharge because I'm scared about touching my laptop.

    So is there a way to not build up static after taking my jacket off? I think it's because my jacket is fluffy inside?
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    Several steps you can take..

    Avoid man made fibres in your clothes (eg wear cotton rather than polyester shirts).
    Use a fabric conditioner when you wash them.
    Put Fabric Softener Sheets in the tumble dryer.
    Avoid rubber soled shoes.
    Turn down the air co and turn up the humidifier.
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    Also, pro tip: If you know you will discharge and are dreading it, there's two things you can do:

    - Grab your keys and discharge through those. No shock at all
    - Bend one of your fingers, and discharge through the knuckle. There's almost no nerve endings at the knuckle, you will feel almost nothing.
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    2 simplest ways :
    Put lotion
    Wash your hands with water
    These 2 ways are based on the fact that dry skin and dry air are allies of static electricity.
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