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  1. qnach

    Scientific journal ratings

    Is there anywhere we can rate each (scientific) journals? Publication ethics is for both sides. Not only authors should follow some ethics, but editors should also follow. There are some journal editors not following praction ethics.
  2. D

    Job Skills How to put publication on resume?

    I just recently published a 15 page educational handout on my college's website through my job. This handout does not have my name on it even though I spent weeks writing it. Instead, it has the name of the place that I work at. Can I put this on my resume? P.S. My boss is pretty mad at me...
  3. NicolasPan

    Engineering related publication

    Hello everyone,I am a mechanical engineering student and yesterday I convinced my professor to work on a project where it will be published in a journal about one year from now.I really don't know where to start as there are countless of highy-respected researches at top universities such as...
  4. M

    Referees missed error in submitted paper

    I recently submitted a paper to a respectable journal. After submission, I discovered a few errors in my paper, one of which is quite serious. I have the corrected expressions and plots and I've checked that they are in agreement with the overall theory (as presented in other papers). My...