What is Publication: Definition and 45 Discussions

To publish is to make content available to the general public. While specific use of the term may vary among countries, it is usually applied to text, images, or other audio-visual content, including paper (newspapers, magazines, catalogs, etc.). The word publication means the act of publishing, and also any printed copies issued for public distribution.

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  1. StevieTNZ

    B "Quantum Field Theory, as Simply as Possible" upcoming publication

    I came across this upcoming book -- https://press.princeton.edu/books/hardcover/9780691174297/quantum-field-theory-as-simply-as-possible -- peer reviewed as it is published by Princeton University Press, which is due to be published in October. I've already ordered a copy coming from the UK. It...
  2. gonadas91

    Physics Is Lack of Publications a Barrier for Landing a Post-Doc or Industry Job?

    Hi all, it is me again and I am sorry for what I am going to tell, but I am just a bit discouraged and lost and felt the urge to look for support somewhere in the community, so I do accept any kind of criticism that might help me to get out from this situation.I submitted my PhD thesis in...
  3. qnach

    Should journal editors be held accountable for following publication ethics?

    Is there anywhere we can rate each (scientific) journals? Publication ethics is for both sides. Not only authors should follow some ethics, but editors should also follow. There are some journal editors not following praction ethics.
  4. D

    Job Skills How to put publication on resume?

    I just recently published a 15 page educational handout on my college's website through my job. This handout does not have my name on it even though I spent weeks writing it. Instead, it has the name of the place that I work at. Can I put this on my resume? P.S. My boss is pretty mad at me...
  5. Ontophobe

    B Publication Bias and Replication Crisis

    I've heard tell of a science journal like Science or Nature that a) only publishes studies with null results, and/or b) only publishes heavily replicated studies. Is this true? and if so, what's it called?
  6. M

    Admissions PhD Application -- Is Publication to Smaller Journals necessary?

    This summer I did some research and had positive results but my part contributed to a small portion of the big grant. My PI told me we could submit to some "side" journals to get publications but I am not sure if this is necessary because the admission committees will see my poster I created...
  7. NicolasPan

    Engineering related publication

    Hello everyone,I am a mechanical engineering student and yesterday I convinced my professor to work on a project where it will be published in a journal about one year from now.I really don't know where to start as there are countless of highy-respected researches at top universities such as...
  8. M

    Referees missed error in submitted paper

    I recently submitted a paper to a respectable journal. After submission, I discovered a few errors in my paper, one of which is quite serious. I have the corrected expressions and plots and I've checked that they are in agreement with the overall theory (as presented in other papers). My...
  9. C

    PhD Physics in Europe with Low Grade but a potential Publication

    Hello Friends, My name is Chetan Waghela and I have done M.Sc Physics from Pune University, India. My specialisation course has been Quantum Field Theory but I want to work on more application based subjects like BEC or Quantum Optics. I have very low grades i.e...
  10. nomadreid

    Question in style for publication

    I'm proofreading someone's article for publication, but I'm not a professional proofreader. The document is in Word 2007, and some of the formulas have been created by just typing (with superscript, subscript, etc.), along with "insert Symbol", and some have been created by using Word's equation...
  11. M

    Writing an article for a student publication

    Is there is a problem in writing an expository article in a college science magazine run by a student group on a topic similar to research that I did over the summer? I thought it was very interesting and included some material from articles which I looked at then. The main reason why I'm...
  12. E

    Papers accepted for publication without being sent back for revision?

    In your experience, how often does it happen that a submitted paper is accepted for publication without being sent back to the author for revision? I was speaking with the former editor of a notable journal in my field and he said that during his multi-year tenure he only saw one paper be...
  13. caffeinemachine

    MHB Publication of a New Proof of an Old Theorem

    Hello MHB, Although chat room isn't meant for math related discussions I didn't any subforum better suited for my query. Here's the thing. Many times journals have published new proofs for well known theorems. Example the transcendence of $\pi$ or say the Hall's Marriage Theorem. Suppose I...
  14. R

    Publication: perpetuum mobile of fourth type

    A fresh publication (few days ago) in Physical Review (American Physical Society): http://prd.aps.org/abstract/PRD/v87/i2/e025021 Abstract: <skipped/technical> The suggested “zero-point-driven” devices — which have no internally moving parts — correspond to a perpetuum mobile of a new...
  15. T

    Help de-cyphering brevity in a publication

    Hello! I'll keep this brief for the moment as I think this may be a bit on the involved side, and I don't want to bore people if I can avoid it. Basically, I found the article I have attached as jones1971.pdf and it relates directly to some work I am trying to do at the moment, and it would be...
  16. K

    Scientific Publication without providing company affiliation

    Does anyone know what are the general policies for engineers working in a company to publish in scientific journals? Does one have to provide the company name as affiliation or leave it blank or something else?
  17. 7

    Admissions Philosophy publication and graduate admission in mathematics

    To give a bit of my background, I am a junior double majoring in mathematics and philosophy aiming for a Ph.D. in pure mathematics. Recently, I wrote a paper for a philosophy class that was extremely well-received by my professor, so much that he encouraged me to submit it for possible...
  18. P

    In what direction should I be looking for publication?

    Hello, recently I've finished writing a paper which I would like to see published somewhere. Unfortunately I am not associated with universities or anyone who is familiar with the publication process and have found myself stuck without any guidance. I am convinced that the arguments made are...
  19. E

    Regarding publication in journal

    As far I am concern, similar research paper cannot be published in different conferences. But, a research paper already published in a conference “can also be published in a journal if it is worthy of it”. Is it true?? Sorry for my childish queries.
  20. J

    Publication advice for Born Rule paper

    Dear everyone, I know this is not exactly on topic here, but I thought it was even more off topic in the other sub-forums, so please forgive me for posting it here. I'm looking for some advice and maybe some help. Recently I have finished my work on a paper about the emergence of the Born...
  21. dkotschessaa

    Research in Math History? Publication?

    Ever since I (re)started my undergraduate mathematics studies I've been trying to get involved in some kind of research. Unfortunately it seems that most mathematics research is a bit out of reach for me until I get further along into my upper level classes. However, I have been taking a class...
  22. J

    Dover publication books for upper level math

    Hi, I wanted to know if anyone knows which dover publication books are good to learn the contents of courses such as mathematical methods for physicists. Main topics include complex analysis, probability, mathematical statistics, integral transformations,ODE, PDE, linear algebra, calculus of...
  23. O

    Probability of lone high school student publication?

    Hello, My name is Thomas Evans, I am a high school student in the East Coast of the USA. I have been independently teaching myself along with some assistance from my grandparents (both physicists) physics and mathematics since the 7th grade. I have written (completed) two papers recently on...
  24. F

    Publication, but I didnt do anything?

    Hi all, I started doing research with a professor back in September, and basically all I've done so far was write a bunch of computer programs. He submitted a paper for publication last week, and he put me as a co-author. But it doesn't feel right, because I don't think I deserve it. Just...
  25. S

    Publication list - do you put papers/journals in preparation in it?

    publication list -- do you put papers/journals in preparation in it? As titled, when you apply for jobs do you put papers/articles that are in preparation (so they are not even posted on the arXiv) in your CV or publication list?
  26. M

    Getting a publication as an undergrad

    How much of a publication is based on luck? What details/advice should one be aware of when pursuing a publication? (read a lot of already published papers? spend a lot of time in the lab? etc.) What differentiates the first author from everyone else who made a contribution? What exactly does...
  27. D

    Who knows the original publication of Laplace transformation by Laplace?

    Dear Sir/Madam, Who knows the original publication of Laplace transformation by Laplace? Which journal and what "Title"? Recently I was recognized this problem when one of my student asked me this problem. I try to find it, but it failed to get it.
  28. P

    Physics Gaining a PRL Publication: Value and Impact on a Theoretical Physics Career

    Hello, the professor supervising my bachelor thesis is happy with the results. Together with another co-author, he is currently writing a paper for Physical Review Letters and is considering adding my results to it. However, for this purpose, he needs more general results. In other words, if...
  29. R

    Navy Publication Claims LENR Fusion

    Here is the link to the Navy publication where they claim "evidence" of LENR--fusion at low activation energy input. http://www.newenergytimes.com/Library2/2008/2008BossTripleTracks.pdf Edit: and see here news release of American Chemical Society presentation...
  30. T

    Publication of Papers, Questions

    If someone has written a paper on physics (e.g. like Einstein, papers on Relativity) and wants to publish it what to they have to do? Who do they sent it to,,, you get the point?
  31. I

    How do you ask a professor for possibility of publication

    When you consider joining a professor's research group, how can you bring up the subject of publication in a discrete way. What's a better way than to ask the professor straight up "if I work for you, will I get a publication in a relatively short period of time?" How do you raise this...
  32. T

    Do you list a publication (in a REU application) if ?

    Should I list a publication if the paper has my name in there but I didn't actually write anything in the paper? (except producing some plots and results). Particularly when the professor just put my name there as a sort of "courtesy"? If so, how do I specify that I am not the primary author or...
  33. P

    Is Self-Publication the Solution for a Rejected Paper?

    I have recently had an interesting experience that I would like to get other people's input on. In October 2007 I submitted a paper to a reputable journal. In May 2008 I received a rejection email from the editor. I responded by arguing that the reviewer's comment (a single liner for a 50 page...
  34. wolram

    Photographing for Knightcote's Biggest Publication

    I have had a bit of agro with the internet so i told my old service provider to stick their service where the sun don't shine, and gone and fetched another one, so far so good, and i set it all up on my todness . Any way, i have been out an about taking photographs for a big publication ,the...
  35. S

    Protecting new work for Publication

    Hi, I am wondering about the process of protecting one's intellectual work before and during publication. I am in the process of preparing a series of papers that contain a combination of old and new ideas to the field of study they are in. I'm a professional musician also, familiar with the...
  36. D

    Journal publication - aim high?

    I worked for a few months on simulating the magnetohydrodynamics of insulating spheres and found some novel relations and insights I have never seen in print during an extensive literature search. My supervisor advises to write one or two publications about this and I would be glad to, but for...
  37. O

    Online repository of publication titles?

    Hi everybody, Is anyone here aware of a (free, if possible) online directory which lists all papers published in science? Not the papers themselves, of course, just the titles and authors, and if possible, abstracts. There are several tools online such as Scitation and SciFinder but they...
  38. O

    Revisiting PhD Work: Ethical Considerations for Publication

    I revisited some calculations and interpretation from my PhD work and I want to publish it. I do not know how to proceed to be ethic. Should I write the name of my adviser there or not? He is not involved in any change of my interpretation and also i was writing there the work is based on my...
  39. H

    Mathematica How Can I Format Mathematica Expressions for Publication?

    Hi all. I am using Mathematica to do a project. I have produced the results, a lot of lengthy mathematical functions and expressions, in Mathematica. The problem I am facing is how to output these lengthy expressions into some "nice-looking" format? It is impossible for me to re-type the...
  40. Ε

    General Relativity Postulates and History of Publication

    What I've read on special relativity has built it up from its two postulates, the principle of relativity (in the restricted sense) and the constancy of the propagation of light in vacuo. But I haven't seen general relativity's postulates in such a concise listing. I assume the equivalence...
  41. C

    New Monthly Publication by Michio Kaku, get a free issue

    Theoretical Physicist Dr. Michio Kaku is launching a new monthly publication and we need your insight. Visit MKaku.org, fill out the questionnaire, and receive a free issue when the publication debuts. You might also win a signed copy of his latest book, Parallel Worlds. Feel free to leave...
  42. N

    Schools Publication record while at grad school

    How important is it to publish papers while in grad school? I'm starting to look for post doc positions but I haven't published that much. Is this going to be a black mark against me? Thanks
  43. I

    MIR publication physics/math books

    Hello all! I know that many of you know about these books and find them hard to find. We actually have a very good selection of titles but we never marketed them because we didn't know if there was a demand. Well, we now have them on our website. www.kamkin.com Please take a look -...
  44. N

    How to send a self develop theory for publication or copyright?

    i have a paper on probabilities. What shld i do? i am in singapore. do i send for copyright or what sort of route i shld take.
  45. Monique

    Taking a sentence out of a publication while citing the source is still plagiarism

    http://www.csubak.edu/ssric/Modules/Other/plagiarism.htm That is kind of scary, I never realized that taking a sentence out of a publication while citing the source is still plagiarism.. even when you change the wording!