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C/++/# How to read a list of USB from C++ in ubuntu OS?

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    I am trying to use C++ (eclipse in Ubuntu OS) to read USB connection. Usually, on the terminal window, I can use command "lsusb" to see the list. Now, I want to do the same way with C++.

    can anyone help?

    Thank you very much.
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    Stephen Tashi

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    But is the question how get the list of usb connections within a C++ program instead of from the command line?

    In C there is a command "system(...)" isn't there? it returns information in a string, so it is awkward to use.

    Edit: I see - you're suggesting he read the files from the C++ program. That would still mean getting information in the form of strings, I suppose.
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    No, the system() function returns an int, typically a status code that is returned by whatever system command was called.
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