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How to relate kinematics of a moving frame and that of a laboratory frame?

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    Hi all, if I have the velocities and rotations of an object with respect to a moving frame.
    Are there relations that I can obtain the velocities and rotations of the object with respect to a fixed frame?
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    Euler transform
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    I think you need to state your question more clearly edoctor.

    Usually when you say that you have information about an object in a certain frame it presupposes that this frame is fixed relative to the object so no more velocities and so on need to be added in to get the "real" information.. If you don't have the "real" information already, you don't have information about the object in this frame of reference...
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    Use the Galilean transformation. If there are velocities involved close to the speed of light, then you will need to include effects due to Einstein's relativity by using the Lorentz transformation.
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