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How to roll AISI 304 Stainless Steel

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    We were asked in our Manufacturing Processes class to design a process for the manufacture of AISI 304 stainless steel sheet. Starting with hot rolled sheet 9 gauge (U.S.G.) in thickness and 32” wide. The final product is required to be 30 gauge (U.S.G.) in thickness and 32”. Our design needs to be based on a commercial-practice, tandem rolling operation, achieving the total reduction by progressive rolling without intermediate annealing, unless required.

    We need to consider: roll gap geometries, i.e., diameter, lengths, ect., reduction/ pass schedule, lubricant, rolling velocities, etc. also the: residual stresses, strengths, defect, etc. on the final product.

    Do any of you guys have any experience with something like this? We could really use some guidance, because most of the information we seem to find is theoretical which is tough to understand and apply.

    An explanation of how to do achieve this would be great, including things such as what to make the rollers out of etc. would help a lot.

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