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Microchannel Array etching in Stainless Steel Metal Search

  1. Oct 27, 2015 #1
    Hi All!

    Haven't been here for some time, the changes are looking good!

    Anyway, formalities aside, I am having serious problems sourcing and implementing a suitable stainless steel (Grade: 304; thickness: 0.3mm) substrate for my etching process.

    I'm currently working on developing a microfluidic, micro-channel array in a conductive metal substrate, however, nothing that I can seem to procure is straight and flat enough for me to work with, do any of you prestigious fellows have some highfalutin companies from which I could purchase a conductive metal sheet (preferably SS 304) of the aforementioned dimensions?

    I implore you, good people of the PF whom I have so long abandoned!
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    We may be able to help you. Find me at conardcorp.com
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