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How to see ON/OFF status by using SCT-013 via Raspberry Pi?

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    I'm trying to make a project and I have a trouble. The project is 'online monitoring of machine'. I will show ON if machine works and OFF if machine does not work. And the rule is: I can not effect machine by my circuit. So it looks so simple. I bought SCT-013 non-invasive current sensor and connected it to the Raspberry Pi over MCP3008 ADC. When I run the program I see ON and OFF both even machine works. I just need ON or OFF according to machine status. I checked the signal from SCT-013 by oscilloscop and the signal is like below here. If you guys have ideas please share with me.

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    Welcome to PF.

    I do not think you will get helpful answers unless you state your question better. What does your circuit look like? What do you observe? What do you expect to observe?
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    The time axis isn't labelled. It appears to show the machine coming ON four times. Is that correct?
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