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Advanced Direct Connect is a next-generation peer-to-peer file-sharing protocol. This page compares the features of a number of software implementations of the protocol.

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  1. S

    Synthetic Intelligence (bio+silicon) system circuitry design

    can someone help me with this circuitry? I am not an electrical engineer I'm working on a brain/organoid computer interface system, and am trying to find out if the modules in the design will connect properly to eachother, and within the system. the system will be using I2S how do we connect...
  2. chwala

    How Do You Calculate Angles AEC and ADC in Geometry?

    Question; Text Solution; My reasoning; ##∠ABC= 180^0 -(32^0+60^0)## =##88^0## ##∠ABC=∠ACF=88^0## (Alternate segment theorem). ##∠EBC=92^0## i.e angles lying on a straight line and ##∠BCE=180^0 -(88^0+60^0)=32^0## therefore; ##∠BEC=180^0 -(32^0+92^0)=56^0##...
  3. mesa

    Looking for a good source to find FPGA developers for ADC PCB spinouts

    Summary:: I am trying to find some good folks with knowledge in FOGA coding for some ADC boards our EEs are spinning out, but am having terrible luck so far... I am trying to find some good folks with knowledge in FPGA coding for some ADC boards our EEs are spinning out for pulse heigh...
  4. anemone

    MHB Calculate $\angle ADC$ in a Convex Quadrilateral

    In a convex quadrilateral $ABCD$ we are given that $\angle CBD=10^{\circ},\,\angle CAD=20^{\circ},\,\angle ABD=40^{\circ},\, \angle BAC=50^{\circ}$. Find the angle $\angle ADC$.
  5. F

    Solving the Debate Over Photon Counting With a Scintillation Device

    Hello, I'm working on a scintillation device to detect protons, I have a disagreement with one professor and I would like your opinion. There is one photodiode model we want to use to measure the light intensity from the scintillators, and we want to relate the signal of that photodiode with...
  6. Peter Alexander

    Differential Nonlinearity: What happens when DNL = -1LSB

    Homework Statement Question is simple: what happens when ##DNL = -1 LSB## where DNL signifies differential nonlinearity and LSB stands for Least Significant Bit. It is also required to try and sketch such condition. Homework Equations Equation for differential nonlinearity: $$DNL(i) =...
  7. M

    MATLAB Issue in EMG signal using matlab with arduino

    Hello I'm working on project for "design & implementation of EMG data acquisition" for now I completed the design and connected the output of the system to arduino uno to read the emg signal in real time with MATLAB 2017b using arduino support package. the problem is that the signal looks as...
  8. M

    How to connect audio output to an ADC

    hello to everybody, can somebody help me, how to connect audio output to dac i have a rado tuner, i just need to connect audio output to adc after to connect to arduino thnx
  9. M

    Converting ADC for DC Output: Homework Statement and Solution

    Homework Statement There is no analog signal . It just is DC . How can I convert ADC for output of Vo ? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution
  10. hackhard

    Water Surface Touch Pad: Can My Project Work?

    an idea for my new project construction - a cubical bowl of tap water , 2 sheet electrodes for 1 pair (y-axis pair)of opposite face(square wave 10Hz 10vpp), 2 sheet electrodes for the other pair (x-axis pair)(similar square wave lags by half cycle ) left hand touches adc pin. right hand touches...
  11. C

    Successive Approximation ADC Question

    Homework Statement .[/B] The full range input of a12-bit, successive-approximation type ADC is 1 volt. Determine: a) the maximum input change required to give a one bit change in output of the ADCb) The number of approximations made to complete the conversion of an input signal of 0.8125...
  12. T

    Microcontroller ADC not firing

    I am using proteus to simulate an atmega32. I load the code but I don't think the interrupt is firing #include <avr/io.h> #include <avr/interrupt.h> #ifndef F_CPU #define F_CPU 8000000UL #endif #define BAUD 9600 // define baud #define BAUDRATE...
  13. C

    How to see ON/OFF status by using SCT-013 via Raspberry Pi?

    Hello, I'm trying to make a project and I have a trouble. The project is 'online monitoring of machine'. I will show ON if machine works and OFF if machine does not work. And the rule is: I can not effect machine by my circuit. So it looks so simple. I bought SCT-013 non-invasive current sensor...
  14. C

    Max Input Change for 1 Bit Output in 12-Bit ADC: 0.50037V

    Homework Statement The full range input of a12-bit, successive-approximation type ADC is 1 volt. Determine: a) the maximum input change required to give a one bit change in output of the ADC Homework Equations None The Attempt at a Solution The ADC is 12 bit, so it will produce a...
  15. Albert1

    MHB Finding $\angle ADC$ in $\triangle ABC$

    $\triangle ABC, \overline{AB}=\overline {AC}$,there exists an inner point ${D}$ and satisfyng : (1)$\overline {AB}=\overline {AC}=\overline {BD}$ (2)$\angle DCB=30^o$ find $\angle ADC=?$
  16. cnh1995

    Can Linux Improve ADC Sampling Rate on Intel Galileo Gen 2?

    I am working on a little project with intel galileo gen 2 which involves successive analog voltage readings of a sinusoidal waveform. I am using analogRead() function in Arduino IDE for that purpose. But the on-board ADC is extremely slow.The sampling rate I am getting is terribly small which is...
  17. M

    Maximum Source Resistance for Optimal ADC Performance

    Homework Statement A simplified model of ADC noise refers the noise to a noisy source resistance Rn while assuming the rest of the signal path to be noiseless. Figure 3 represents a particular 18-bit ADC that has a 10 V input voltage range. The ADC has a bandwidth of 1 MHz. Calculate the...
  18. L

    How many bits would an ADC require to measure....

    Homework Statement How many bits would an ADC require to measure the output of the preamp? What minimum frequency would the ADC need to sample at to measure the 4KHz signal accurately? What would the data rate from the ADC need to be at the minimum sample rate? Given a hydrophone with the...
  19. G

    Algorithm for Numerical approximation to add data points

    Hi, I am working on TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry). I send a 7GHz bandwidth fast rising edge (14ns) square wave into a coax. I get a return Signal. I have an ADC with 10Msamples/sec. I am using MPLAB IDE for coding the microcontroller. Now I would like to increase the Points on the...
  20. T

    ADC/DAC Sample Rate and Reference Voltage

    I am currently working on a circuit design that is featuring both a ADC and DAC. I'll focus my question on the ADC in this thread. I'm trying to figure out what each pin does. Am I correct in assuming that the Vref pin on the an ADC chip is used as the maximum encoded value for a voltage? Say...
  21. T

    16 bit sigma delta ADC question

    Hi every one, I am examining a prototype device that is designed to analyse current from an electrochemical O2 sensor (current source), The sensor will output 1.124 uV per PPM (cross 47 ohms @0.023 uA), and has acuracy of +- 2 PPM, with max 1000 PPM. it ueses 16 bit Sigma Delta ADC with...
  22. J

    Delta-Sigma ADC - Simulating and Breadboarding

    Delta-Sigma ADC -- Simulating and Breadboarding Homework Statement Hello PF, For a project I am to design, simulate and demonstrate and very simple Delta-Sigma ADC converter. I need only use simple circuit elements, a comparator, op-amp(s), and a flip-flop/latch chip. The simulation will...
  23. S

    How to record two signals simultaneous(by using ADC) ?

    Hi: I need to record a two analog signals, by using an ADC(of 20 bits resolution or higher), the two signals are very weak signals of signal to noise ratio about -30 db, so the two signals are very effective by the noise. the problem is : how to record these two signals at the same...
  24. B

    How can I use an ADC to create a transform function for an incoming signal?

    I have a incoming signal from a analog to digital converter, how do I turn it into a transform function ? so how to turn a graph into a transform function? So want to take the incoming signal and used a fast Fourier transform (FFT). so I will take the incoming signal built a function from...
  25. S

    MHB Factor: bca² + bcd² + adb² + adc²

    The task is to factor bca^2 + bcd^2 + adb^2 +adc^2, which undeniably is a non-trivial one. It turns out that the expression can be factored into (ab + cd)(ac + bd). I have absolutely no idea what strategy to employ in non-trivial cases such as these (although I did attempt factoring by...
  26. A

    Design ultralow power, narrow band ADC

    Hi, I want to design an ADC with these specifications: Fin = 20MHz BW= 20MHz ENOB > 4 Power consumption P < 1mW Could anyone suggest me some ADC for this kind? I have searched a lot in IEEE but there are only two ADC with SAR ADC and time-interleaved ADC. The ultralow power consumption...
  27. B

    What is the input/output characteristics of a 3bit ADC

    im trying to Plot the effective input/output voltage amplitude characteristic of this ADC – i.e., give a graph relating the input along the x-axis to the out put od the adc along the y-axis) here is the signal https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3405118/1.png the 2nd pic is what I think...
  28. C

    Understanding an integrating ADC

    http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/imageview.php?image=3740 Referencing the above image, I have a few a questions. 1) I think CLK means clock input; does CLR perhaps mean clear? 2) What exactly is the role of the output buffer? 3) I'm confused as to how the control logic exactly functions and...
  29. M

    PIC16F819 ADC: Understanding Voltage, Current & Signal Conversion

    Got a couple pic16f819s and was pondering something relatively simple like a voltage meter or a frequency counter. My question is the MC I have comes with an ADC that seems to max out at 5 volts. This seems to mean that I couldn't test for more than 5 volts. For instance I could test a 9...
  30. Femme_physics

    Successive Approximation ADC: What Sets It Apart?

    Wiki says: Isn't this exactly what every A/D converter does? For a graph of Vin to digital output it basically approximates the nearest digital value to the continuous signal -> So I don't see the difference between them.
  31. D

    Understanding ADC Vocabulary: Analog to Digital Converter Output Terminology

    what do you call the digital number that analog to digital converters output ? Does it make any sense to call it "analog signal's digital representation" ? Is there a better way to call it?
  32. C

    Exploring Multiplexing ADC for University Project

    Hi For my final year university project, I have an array of 9 hall effect current sensors producing a maximum current output of 25mA each. They're producing an analog output which I need to convert into digital signals so I can process them using an evaluation board and C++ code. At the...
  33. L

    ADC converter question about the LSB

    Homework Statement Show that the least significant bit (LSB) corresponds to a change in the analog signal of V/(2^N-1). Homework Equations D=b_0 * 2^0 +b_1 * 2^1 + ... + b_(N-1) * 2^(N-1), where b_0 is the LSB, and b_(N-1) is the MSB. The Attempt at a Solution I have absolutely...
  34. B

    ADC with successive approximation VS Digital ramp ADC

    I've asked this question before. But still I got some unanswered ones. I am really tired, but I cannot sleep if I got something laying there, tingling me. http://pokit.org/get/cfb750b79f49cfc12dc51a74a37f576e.jpg This is digital ramp. In attachments I added a full circuit, from...
  35. J

    ADC INL/DNL code density testing help

    Hi Guys, Could you please help me on the derrivation of offset and amplitude formula being used in the computation of ADC INL and DNL using code density testing. below are the formulas. Appreciate any help. Regards.
  36. B

    ADC question(track and digital ramp)

    http://www.allaboutcircuits.com/vol_4/chpt_13/5.html This counter thing. Can somebody explain to me what does it mean to count up? How does a device count "up" :D I know what a clock does, it sends periodic pulses. I believe the idea is, based on much impulses were counted, that...
  37. A

    4 Bit Synchronous Counter to use as 4 Bit ADC

    Hello Im really struggling with this question I've been given: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Construct a four bit synchronous counter, then use as a guide to crate a four bit ADC which will: When output 0 to 3 light should immuminate...
  38. M

    Counter ramp adc conversion time

    I know that the conversion time for an adc counter ramp is the time between the start and stop of the signal conversion, but how do i calculate this time? Also is the conversion time for the bi-directional counter ramp adc 1/2 that of the uni-directional counter ramp adc? Could someone kindly...
  39. W

    Engineering ADC & a transistor circuit connected to the parallel port

    Homework Statement Hello everybody,i am new member and i hope that you can help me out in understanding the attached circuit.our lecturer gave us this circuit and asked us to do literature research and try to understand how the circuit work (the parallel port,the transistor circuits,the...
  40. A

    Max Error in 8-bit ADC: 7.55mV

    Homework Statement An 8 bit ADC has a full scale input of 2.55V. If other cumulative errors are 2.55mV, determine the maximum error. Options are: 10mV, 2.55mV, 12.55mV, 7.45mVHomework Equations I believe this is a conceptual question. The only equation I can come up with is that the...
  41. D

    Analog Front End or ADC with FPGA

    Let me preface this by saying I am very new to FPGA's. I am trying to find a way to sample 3 channels simultaneously at a resolution of 16 bits per channel and at a rate of at least 600KSPS per channel and then 2 channels at a resolution of 16 bits at a rate of at least 200KSPS. I've decided...
  42. J

    Digital Ramp ADC Analysis difficulty

    I'm trying this problem on allaboutcircuits too. However they havn't been as helpful as this board is for other problems (mostly mathematics). Homework Statement I have been given an assignment which is part of, what I consider, the most difficult part of electronics engineering. Circuit...
  43. W

    Calculating FFT from ADC Output - Hi All

    Hi All, Its my first post here. I want to know how the digital output which comes out of an ADC can be used to calculate FFT. Because FFT algorithms usually needs real and imaginary parts of a sampled signal? Thanks.
  44. L

    How Can I Choose the Best Audio ADC and DAC Converters for My Project?

    Audio ADC and DAC is needed ! I am looking for Audio ADC and DAC. Anyone can give their advice on choosing these two converters? I am planning to convert the Analog audio to Digital Signal (vice versa) in 10 – 16 resolution bits and fs max will be 44.1kHz. what is the different between...
  45. C

    Embedded ADC with external Signal Conditioning

    Hello all: This is my first post on the physics forum so I am excited to have found such a great community of scientists. My problem is that I have been looking for an embedded board that contains an ADC but has a very good external signal conditioning stage. This will be for a data...
  46. S

    How Do You Connect an Antenna to an ADC Board for RF Undersampling?

    greetings all, I am trying to start some undersampling RF to ADC hobby stuff. I am looking at this development board: http://www.digikey.com/scripts/dksearch/dksus.dll?KeywordSearch?Keywords=ADC11C170HFEB&vendor=14 I am having a little trouble understanding how to connect the receiver...
  47. S

    Analog to Digital Converter (ADC)

    Hello, I do not know if it's really upper physics but I have some exercices to do and I find them a bit difficult for a beginning. This is a circuit: http://up.sur-la-toile.com/iu7M I'm asked to simplify it like shown on the drawing so that afterwards I get this circuit...
  48. E

    High-Speed Angular Position Measurement for Precision Applications

    Hello Everyone :) Do any of you know of a floating point Analogue to Digital converter that can handle mega-hertz sampling frequencies? I need a really precise angular acceleration transducer which I'll integrate digitally to get angular velocity. I am using an FPGA to do the integration...
  49. Chandra214

    Troubleshooting Unstable ADC Reading for PT100 Signal Circuit

    We have a four wire PT100 signal conditioning circuit, which transpires resistance to voltage. 7mV constitutes one degree celsius. we are using a 12bit ADC to decode the analog input. When measured from a true RMS multi meter, the ADC input voltages are stable upto millivolt ( 4 1/2 digit...
  50. Topher925

    Optimizing Data Filtering Techniques for Removing Gaussian Noise in ADC Readings

    I have a circuit that is outputting a good solid analog signal which is being read by an AD converter. While the signal is good and noise free, the ADC is not and is adding a lot of gibberish to my signal which is being sent to a PC. As of now I have tried using a simple discrete kalman filter...