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How to transmit video long distance for cheap

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    I am looking to build or Gerry-rig up a system to transmit a composite video feed from a car over a distance of 1 mile with a fair amount of physical barriers between transmitter and receiver.

    Pre-made systems that I've been able to find have been ridiculously expensive ($3k). So I'm looking for pointers on some information on building something myself or maybe some ideas on using some existing technology which could be easily procured for low cost to carry such a signal.

    Thanks for any ideas you can provide.
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    I believe you need to first obtain a licence; probably a ham licence would suffice for 70 cm or 13 cm bands.

    Transmitting over a mile requires considerable amount of power, and that just begs for interference. So, if you are going to construct such a transmitter, you need to make sure it doesn't produce interference.
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