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How to use a 4017 decade counter along with a 555 MONOSTABLE chip

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    I just finished building a 555 chip based monostable multivibrator with a output time of about 5 seconds after reception of the trigger.

    Can I couple a 4017 decade counter IC to the output pin of the 555 so that I can use it to operate different devices one after the other depending on the trigger I keep giving after every 5 seconds?

    I tried to look this question up on the net but the answer eludes me.

    Any help would be much appreciated!
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    Sorry I meant to say that I would like to keep a device turned on even after the 5 second clock pulse ends. The next device turns 'on' only when the next trigger is given
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    If a device is to stay on after the decade counter advances to the next output, how will you turn your device off. One way would be to connect a toggle flip flop to the output which would cause the device to turn off after the 4017 cycles around to the same output after 10 input pulses. Of course you would have to cycle through another 10 pulses to turn it on again.
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