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How to use current feedback in the same circuit in Cadence

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    I'm currently using cadence virtuoso to design circuit for all-spin-logic device (a kind of spintronics devices). I found in a paper "Circuit Simulation of Magnetization Dynamics and Spin Transport" by Phillip Bonhomme etc. that it can be done using the circuit as follows:


    They use HSPICE to simulate it. And I'm currently using Cadence Virtuoso to draw the circuit. And here is the problem: The green circle are for voltage-controlled current sources. The vccs has the voltage-current relation: Is=gVx. Now I need the gain g to be Ic, which is the current I draw in red circle. What should I do? Can I just label the red circle wire as Ic and write the green circle vccs transconductance Ic? Just like the figure below?

    In the paper it said they use verilog-a to set the parameters. However, I don't know how to edit the instance parameters by using verilog-a. I know how to import a whole verilog-a schematic, but it is not suitable for this caes I think...Because you need to use another variable from outside the schematic and it's not input.

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    Never worked with , but I would expect there must be some kind of tutorial for it.
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    Thanks. I also believe that there should be a way to do that considering Cadence being a big name. The biggest challenge is there is no tutorial anywhere regarding that matter! I am not so familiar with this forum, do you know if I can tag someone for any help?
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