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Impact of Current loading for voltage multiplier

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    Can you please let me the impact of current loading for the attached circuit?
    The attached circuit is a 4-stage dc-dc converter- charge pump.
    When I give an input voltage of 1V, the output voltage is around 4.6 V using cadence simulations. The expected output voltage is 5V.
    I am able to understand and see the increase in the output voltage from stage to stage.
    But I am unable to understand the impact the current loading.

    I have attached the circuit and the plots which I got.

    Can you please let me know the effects of current loading of the above circuit?

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    This happens with most or all capacitor filter systems.

    The output capacitor is only charged briefly by the rectified DC, and during the rest of the cycle, the capacitor discharges into the load. This causes "ripple" on the output. This is a DC output that has a varying component on top of it.

    So, what you measure is the average value of the DC output, plus ripple.

    Ths solution is to use larger capacitors.
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