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How to use wolfram alpha to plot frequency response

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    Can someone please tell me how I can plot the magnitude and phase response of this transfer function on wolfram alpha as I don't have Matlab:

    H(s) = -(2.1953*10^12)/(66600*((j*ω)^2)+808823539.4*(j*ω)+2.1626*10^12)

    A link to the output would be very useful also, thanks heaps.
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    You can use abs(...) and phase(...) with i as the imaginary unit.
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    thanks bro, your post has improved my life quality by a factor of 0.0001, one more question: How do I make it plot the phase in degrees instead of radians.
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    You can also use 'bode (...)', which will plot the amplitude and phase in degrees. As a bonus you get Nyquist and Nichols too :)
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    haha wow thats really cool, its gonna be very useful, i gotta admit i have no idea what the Nyquist and Nichols are atm but ill get there eventually. thanks for the help.
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