How to Visually Document Darts League Playoff Progressions and Results?

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In summary, we are in the last round of playoffs. We have ten teams. The last two vie for a consolation. There is a 1st, 2nd and 3rd trophy. The 7th place gets a(nother) consolation prize. The 8th place gets brooms to clean up the room.
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We're in the last round of darts league playoffs. I want to document where we are now, so everyone can see what's next and how we got here.

I'm not a sports guy, so I come to the table without intuitive knowledge of playoffs.

I get how elimination playoffs work:

But that doesn't seem to adequately document the various positions and placements as we advance. And that's what I'm trying to do.

We have ten teams. Only eight get to the playoffs. The last two vie for a Consolation.
There is a 1st, 2nd and 3rd trophy.
7th place gets a(nother) Consolation prize.
8th place gets brooms to clean up the room.
(We do all this as an incentive to keep coming out, and not beg off when you see you're not winning. The aim is to have fun, not to win.)I'll walk through what we've done so far.

Season scores:
: 31
Rick: 27
Dawn: 26
Victor: 25
Tony: 24
Doris: 21
Bev: 17
Sharon: 14
Dave: 14
Zack: 11

Qualifying night:
The bottom four teams vied to be included in the playoffs. Best played worst based on season's score. So:
Dave and Zack prevailed over Bev and Sharon and thus qualify for playoffs.
Bev and Sharon go to Consolation rounds where they play 3 'best of 9' for a rottle of bum.

Quarter Finals, Week 1:
(1st place) played Zack (last place) - Zack prevailed
Rick (2nd) played Dave (7th) - Rick prevailed
Dawn (3rd) played Doris (6th) - Dawn prevailed
Victor: (4th) played Tony (5th) - Victor prevailed
Bev v Sharon: play 3 'best of 9'

Semi Finals Week 2:
(now 1st in playoffs, and his season score of 27) played Zack (last in playoffs and SS of 11) - Zack prevailed
(Here it be where things start leaking out of the holes in my head)
Dawn (now 2nd??, w/ SS of 27) played Victor (SS of 25) - Dawn prevailed
Rob (3rd??) v Dave - Rob prevailed
Tony v Doris - Tony prevailed
Bev v Sharon: play 3: best of 9

Finals Week 3:
will play Dawn for 1st and 2nd
Rob will play Tony for 3rd
... er ...
Victor will play Tony for ... a consolation (another) rottle of bum?
Dave will play Doris for ?? nothing?
Bev v Sharon: play 3: best of 9

I am confused what happens to players who lose in the playoffs. They still play for standing - they're not eliminated. How do I match them up? When four teams meet in the playoffs, we match them by season scores. I'm sort of lost here.

But here's the thing: What I'm really trying to do is - not merely line them up - but document it in a single visual chart. The equivalent of an elimination chart, but with 1st, 2nd, 3rd and consolations. Does such a thing already exist?

It seems to be a little more complex, where it records actual scores - which is also relevant to how/why they're matched up with each other.
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There are some suggestions on the wiki page about single elimination.

Basically whatever information is required to make decisions about who advances is recorded on the right side. If a match is best of 9 games and you need only the final number of games each won, you could put that in. (This may not show up correctly due to fonts.)

Dawn 5 ---|
| ---- Dawn
Victor 3 ---|

Here the 5 and 3 are the total games each team won. If these numbers are important to later matches then you can quickly go back and check them.

If it required the scores of individual games then it starts to be too complicated for such a chart.

If there are prizes for 2nd and 3rd, then single elimination is often unpopular. Double elimination is sometimes used in such cases. It means more matches.

Basically, anybody who lost on the main tree has a chance to rise up and claim a prize on the "lost one time" tree. Depending on the tournament rules, maybe somebody on the secondary tree can only claim as high as 3rd. Or, if they lost to the team that finished first, they can challenge the team that would otherwise have been 2nd. There are variations.
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