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How to write coupled mode equation of a given structure

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    Recently I am reading the papers in the field of PT symmetry systems. What I am confused is that in these papers, authors directly write out the equations describe the dynamics of the given systems( For example, in this paper http://arxiv.org/ftp/arxiv/papers/1103/1103.3389.pdf , authors put forward a honeycomb photonic lattice and they just write out the equations).
    Now I am reading the papers about CMT written by Haus and Huang, but I still can not figure out how to write the equation describe the dynamics of a given structure.
    So my question is that what I need to do so that I can give the coupled mode equations.

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    You will have to follow the references; the equations will be derived there, or in further references.

    For example, the origin of the system of equations (1) will be explained in references [3-5].

    This "tight binding" model is an application of a "standard" model from condensed matter physics to their particular problem, and will originate in a standard text book in one of the references [3-5].

    Thus when you are reading a paper in a new field you may also have to read a number of the references. It is often easier to seek out a review paper so that the slogging has been simplified by an expert in the area.
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