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A How was the value of the spacetime curvature obtained?

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    I received a reply about the value of space time curvature. Evidently it is not zero but an almost unconceiveably
    small number. I was just wandering how this number was gotten.
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    We will need a specific reference. There is no way to answer this question without specific details.
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    I lost the thread giving the curvature of spacetime. It is extremely small but exists. What thoughts are there about the consideration that the spacetime curvature is not flat and dark energy? Does this change thinking about speculations about the possible nature of dark energy?
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    We really need the details to be sure we know what you're asking. Try doing some google searches and/or more reading. From the little I've seen, you might try:


    which is probably what you're asking about (spatial curvature)



    which goes into a bit about what you actually wrote (space-time curvature). Sorry in advance if the links are too advanced :(.
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