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Engineering How well is the nuclear engineering job market doing?

  1. Sep 18, 2016 #1
    Hello, my name is Samuel. I am a sophomore at Missouri S&T, I just switched my major from physics to Nuclear engineering. I am looking to get my degree in nuclear engineering and then work in the industry for a little bit before going to grad school and working on reactor design. I'm sorry if this question has been asked before, I do not post much.

    My question is though, how well is the nuclear engineering job market right now??

    which I'm assuming depends on how well the nuclear industry is doing overall.

    I ask this because I'm unsure as I have asked a lot of people about the health of the nuclear industry as a whole and about half and half say something like "the nuclear industry is not particularly thriving but also is not doing horrible" or they flat out say "the nuclear industry is doing bad still because it's still recovering from Fukushima"
    I can't seem to find a good answer

    Though I am still told when it comes to the nuclear engineering job market, that is not that hard to find a job because nuclear engineers are in such high demand.

    I apologize for such long post.

    Thanks, Samuel
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    The nuclear industry is moribund with a very uncertain future. Jobs in the industry may be plentiful, but are substitutional jobs only, e.g., replacing those that are retiring out of the system. Nuclear engineers can readily find employment in other, more robust industries, like Homeland Security.
  4. Sep 20, 2016 #3
    Moribund? Don't let the US situation define the industry.

    China to build at least 60 nuclear plants in coming decade -industry official

    Future nuclear supply chain worth billions, report finds

    Of course, much or most of the work is mechanical, electrical, I&C, civil, etc., and is done by people other than nuclear engineers. But that was just as true 40 years ago as it is now.

    Even here in the USA, there are four new units under construction and Watts Bar 2 was just completed (after ~30 years of stasis).
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    Yes, but the OP would be looking for a job within our moribund nuclear industry, not China's. As a new NE grad I would not consider the US nuclear industry to be the basis of a rewarding and challenging career. It wasn't so when 25 years ago when I was in the industry and things are even bleaker now.
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