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How would i go about becoming a scientist?

  1. Jan 2, 2010 #1
    how would i go about becoming a scientist? or even a Electronics Technician. i am in grade 10, What courses would i need to take? I also would like to know of what importance credits, degrees and diplomas are. kthnxbye
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    Re: Help

    It all depends on what specific scientific field you'd like to enter. Advanced math classes now will help with all of them. Any ideas of what specific field you'd be interested in?
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    Re: Help

    i'm not too sure, i am very interested in chemistry, as well as advancing technology (pretty sure that would fall under engineering tho). I also like physics, math, and the universe (space related).
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    Re: Help

    That's not electronics, that's aerospace engineering, astrophysics, astronomy, cosmology, physics and assorted related fields.

    I'm bringing this in from your other thread 'cause it got closed:
    What is your interest?
    If you want to be an electrician, you want a school that has connections to shops you can do your apprenticeship at. If you want to make electronics, you need an electrical engineering degree. You can do both-I have a friend who is-but do you want to?
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    Re: Help

    Well, i was planning on going to BCIT since i live in BC. They have some electronics technician core programs that i was thinking of taking. I also want to take chemistry and computer sciences. Any idea of a career that applies, 1-2-3 of these.
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    Re: Help

    Electronics tech + comp sci = it staff, 'specially help desk and maintenance
    chemistry + comp sci = biomedical imaging/computational modeling
    chemistry + electronics = lab tech
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