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Howdy! i'm here because i watched...

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    ...The Martian. after seeing that movie, i found myself developing, for the first time in my life (58 years) an interest in science: astrophysics, the periodic table of elements, astronomy, and i even want to learn something more about higher mathematics. balancing the checkbook is about as sophisticated as i get, at present.
    But unlike most of you fine folks here, i have zero higher education except english 101. i barely graduated high school. so if i hang around, i'll have lots of questions.
    i was a teenager in the 70's and most of my friends and i read a lot of science fiction: arthur c. clark being probably the most popular. but as life went on, i lost interest in science fiction, until now. now i want to know something abut science fact.
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    oh, and Happy Pi Day, everyone!
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    Welcome Thunderbyrd.
    You are not alone. Not everyone here has a PhD. :)
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