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HST vs Real life

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    For those who don't know, HST stands for holy shonen trinity, and represents one piece, naruto, and bleach, the 3 most popular current shonen jump manga.
    In this battle, the HST are spread uniformly across south america, except the ships & their crews and seakings, who are on the coast around the continent. Neither side has knowledge of the other's abilities, but they do have knowledge of their own sides, and are working together and will do anything to win.
    I think that HST takes this, but what does PF think about this much-debated match-up?
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    And for those who know even less after reading the above, can you kindly tell us what you are talking about?
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    And these are calculations (which may or may not be accurate) which might help give you an idea of the power of these fictions just look up bleach, naruto, and one piece:
    However, the series does have more than that, that is just all that is calculated and archived so far in that blog.
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    Believe it or not, I actually have a life... however limited it might be. I therefore have no interest in this subject. I play Adventure Quest when I have nothing else to do, but I'm certainly not "involved" with it.
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    Are you a member of the OBD? I am also but I shall not reveal my identity.

    So it's begun the OBD crew is migrating to PF forums.
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    Not really, I was already here before. There isn't an organised moveout or anything. My username is the same in the OBD as here. Same as how there are OBDers in KMC, CBR, etc.
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    all three of those shows are just pits of creativity designed to suck the money out of Japanese youths, and weeaboos in the USA
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    a) None of them are shows. They are japanese comics, aka manga. They are about as much shows as lord of the rings is a film series.
    b) Have you read One Piece? The character depth, vastness, imagination and plot are amazing. Bleach may be lacking in creativity, but not One Piece.
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    Have you watched any of those shows?
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    suggesting that naruto, bleach and one piece are works of literary merit is like saying that twilight or harry potter are too. The manga for all three of them have been going on since like... the 90s or something, and have literally no end in sight for one reason: they make a lot of money.
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    Bleach is in it's "final arc", Naruto has a couple of arcs left, One Piece is the best of the three so naturally the writer will be struck by lightning before he finishes.

    I figured this was a result of the spacebattles forums being down while they migrate to xenforo software, never been to OBD.
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    Arguing over fiction like this is pointless. The answer is real life would win, it's always real life would win. Because real life is real, and fiction is not. A magic fictional character capable of flying or turning invisible or summoning cheese cakes can't exist. Reality does exist. Ergo, reality wins.

    There, I saved you some time and saved us some forum space :smile:

    Thread closed.
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