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Human Body Resonant Frequencies

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    Since the old topic is locked, I had to post a new one about this
    (old topic here: https://www.physicsforums.com/archive/index.php/t-231156.html" )

    People were talking about resonant frequencies for body parts and/or the entire body and someone was looking for a chart, not sure if this is the one from NASA which they had mentioned but it appears to follow the numbers I am seeing in various research I can find out there (such as research conducted about pilots, as well as the Harvard study posted in the previous thread)

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    Brilliant, thank you for this!
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    Where did you get this picture and what study is it based on?
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    What is the significance of resonant frequency in the body?
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    I forget where I found the image, but studies are abundant. Here are a couple:



    (I can't make clickable links due to not having 10 posts here, pfft great rule for a physics forum, not like anyone would need to cite references here!)

    As for significance, I would assume that would be self-evident... Anything from sonic weaponry, brown notes, safety in the operation of machinery, or maybe even music that can make your knees feel weird or cause hallucination. The applications could be quite interesting.
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    I'd like to thank the mods for unlocking this thread. I appreciate it. I wanted to cite a couple more references for anyone else out there wondering about the figures posted in the chart:

    Chapter 7 here:

    This Brazilian paper:

    Further reading:

    Even further:
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    Analogous diagram EM Resonance Frequencies?

    What would an analogous diagram of EM [Electromagnetic] Resonance Frequencies look like? Let's say, for the human nervous system. [Just as the diagram above concerning mechanic resonance seems to involve the human skeletal-muscular system.]

    I once saw a diagram, or maybe it was merely a chart - I don't recall exactly where I saw it - showing approximate EM resonance frequencies of different parts of the human. [Maybe the author did a personal investigation upon his own body. Perhaps there is more human variability for EM resonance than for mechanical resonance, or not.]

    What I'm saying is: if the human nervous system is treated as a collection of connected 'electric circuits', [analogous to the above diagram treating the body as a collection, or configuration of skeletal-muscular parts], what might those EM resonances look like?

    Related to this, and partly getting back to your diagram above, is it possible, and are there applications, of resonance propagating through [e.g., via a human joint], to the neighboring human body part/area? That is, if a mechanical resonance is applied to one body part, can that resonance frequency be used as a "carrier way" to resonate a body part connected to it? [Maybe someone has a relaxation device somewhere which chooses to treat a body part by focusing on the mechanical resonance of the neighboring body part, along these lines?]
    With EM Resonance, I would suspect that treating the neighboring, connected nerve-pathways would be easier to do, than with mechanic resonance, or perhaps parts of the nervous system are isolated from each other even more than skeletal-muscular parts.
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    I have been involved in low frequency communications for decades. I am not a super genius but I was an Engineer for the 45th Space Wing. I see NASA bandied about as some sort of validation of research or knowledge? I wish I had that kind of money to research I would have transcended this existence already. I studied Electro-Static Discharge our bodies produce and how to counter it. because this was a very big problem for all my career. We are electrical beings existing in a magnetic field to put it simply. We exist in a healthy state of electrical charge of 54 Hertz. To my best estimate. To try to select different parts of our biology and say this has this or that has that simplifies this subject beyond what is asked. Something to think about. Everything that uses electricity to exist which almost everything on and around this planet. Has a specific identifiable signature. Just like a fingerprint. Everything can be identified by this "signature". Which is their specific electric "frequency". I just thought I would take this to the next level. Try not to over think everything. Most things are as simple as there is always a half of a half.
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