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B Human eyes vs cameras

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    When the camera can oversee the human eyes?
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    There is probably a language barrier here, but the general answer is yes. But the criteria for judging should be given.
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    I believe your asking when can a camera see better that human eyes.
    It depends on what you're looking at.

    Light gathering ability:
    - a combination of the aperture size (f-stop) and film/retina/sensor ISO rating.

    Image resolution:
    - retina has a variable resolution, cameras are measure in MegaPixels.

    Subject resolution:
    - Cameras can be outfitted as telescopic or with microscope lens systems.

    - Cameras and flash systems can capture images from high speed subjects.
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    Taking a conclusion, is it better than the human eye?
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    Yes, Scott put up here. Thanks, Russ!
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    jim mcnamara

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    Short answer: cameras 'saw' better than human eyes starting back in the 1930's.

    Better at distance (telephoto, Zeiss lenses for early Speed Graphlex), resolution(microscopy).
    This thread has given several members concerns and we now have good answers. Thread closed.
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    I would not want to trade in my eyes for a camera.
    Human eyes have a huge advantage: The have a human brain interface.
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