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Why does my body act as a radio Receiver.Last year i accidently grabed the socket to my computer speakers while they were turned on at the power outlet.The computer speakers were not connected to the computer and we do not have a radio receiver at all in our home.I only held the plug for one minute as my head started buzzing and i was getting a head ake.The radio reception was very clear just like a normal radio receiver.For twenty four hours afterwards i had a bad headake.Three other members of my faimly withnessed the event and they tryed to see if it would work for them.It never worked for them at all.Why did this just work for me.


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Hi tyquniaum! Welcome to PF! :smile:

What waveband were you receiving on?

Are you very near any transmitter?

Could you identify the station? If so, how far away is the transmitter, and how powerful is it?

Did you receive only while you were holding the socket, or for some time afterward also?

Did your other family members also get a headache (or a shock, or anything else)?

Have you managed to repeat the experiment?

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I wouldn't advise repeating the experiment if it induces headakes! :eek:
The radio transmission tower in on a mountain about 50 km east of launceston and from where i live.The radio station was the local radio station 7LA.The Transmission lasted for 60 seconds because my head was buzzing and i was geting a headake.If i did not get a headake i may have left the transmission on longer.This effect did not work for other members of my faimly.They all were withness to the event.I will not do it again as i do not know what kind of side effects there are and how it effects my body.
The headache is certainly coincidence: there is no credible way holding a speaker's TRS connector could affect you physiologically. They are passive sensors: they do not drive a voltage. They are perfectly safe.

I've actually done the same thing, when I was fooling around with electronics (building simple amplifiers to power an audio speaker). I am not sure how it works. I think some of the cables were acting as antennas (or was it me)?, and some combination of my capacitance, and stray inductance from messy cables, created a tuned RLC circuit which picked out a random AM band. My amplifier (in your case, the amplifier in your speaker) brought the audio-frequency amplitude modulation (the signal) up to audible levels.

I suggest this be moved to the Electrical Engineering subforum.
Well i guessed my body was acting as a radio receiver as the buzzing was the radio waves passing thought my body into the speaker.Some people have more eletricty in there bodies than other people.They attract and interfere with electrical appliances.Nearly all the time i find electricial disturbunces occuring around my daily life.It could be too that there are large powerlines about 80 metres from my house that may cause some strange effects.

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