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Hybrid Electric Transit Bus Powertrain Design

  1. May 14, 2010 #1

    I am in the beginning of sizing all the components in the powertrain and really need your help;

    I am trying to size the motor for a hybrid eletric bus

    All articles I have read so far mention one lengthy equation that to know the rated power of the motor, one mush use;

    PEM = [M(Vf2 + Vb2)/2ta] + ... + ...

    Where Vf = the final vehicle speed

    Vb = Vehicle base speed

    ta = time to accelerate from 0 m/s to the desired speed

    here are my questions;

    1. In sizing the electric motor for traction application (to be used with a bus), am I in the correct direction? If not, what is the approach?

    2. By saying the rated power of motor, does it actually meanthe maximum power that the motor could provide?

    3. About the Vf, final velocity of vehicle >>> I am not sure what to use, could it be only sigle value which is the maximum speed of a bus which is 60 kph? Do I need other intermediate values, like 0-10 kph, 0-20 kph, 0-30 kph

    However, the bus will have to operate most frequently in 0-40 kph region, shall I use Vf = 40 kph instead?

    4. About the Vb, I understand the definition of motor base speed, but in the equation I need the vehicle speed, don't I? So, where do I find this value? What does this value depend upon?

    Thank you very much
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