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Hydrino's and Blacklight Power

  1. Brilliant, will solve all of our energy needs and change the world!

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  2. Cant happen as it violates Quantum Theory.

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    Pretty funny theory, since it has so many simple things "wrong" with it. Like... why hasn't anyone every noticed "hydrinos" before, since their signature energy should be so easy to detect? What do you do with a hydrino once you get one, since presumably they are no longer eligible for forming chemical bonds? etc. I always wonder when someone comes up with a theory that is so easily falsified... oh, and is accompanied by experimental claims that can't (won't) be reproducible.
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    .. and the fact that Randy himself hasn't experimentally seen the hydrino energy level.

    We seem to have a FLOOD of this all of the sudden after some free advertisement that this thing received in the UK. Why is that? There has been no new progress being reported. There's nothing new that we don't know already out of this report. Is Blacklight trying to get new suckers.... er..... I mean new investors since they're slowly running out of money with nothing to show?

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