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Homework Help: Hydrogen + oxygen combustion rating

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    hello i gonna make an moto bike of 50cc engine to work witn hydrogen... and my problem is : how many liters of hydrogen i vgot to pun in 1 litre of oxygen.. what carbirator i vgo to make.. or were i can take one li it

    for example the combution rating of fuel/oxygen is 14.7/1

    i've tried to make it but i : 1) had not the appropriate electricity! and 2) i doesn't knew the combution rating
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    I got another problem for you to solve, Nick: How do I store the hydrogen I am using for fuel on my moto bike?
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    this is the link of the easiest and good hydrogen generator! and if u make it tin a big good plastic bottle that will be germetic closed ull can take the hydrogen pulling out an tube! its easy to say but ull need an compressor to save the hydrogen in an other metalic botle that will can handle alot of pressure bars.. and the tube that wil lgo to it will vto to have a compressor...
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    oh sorry^^ iu didnt understood your question very well.. well.. you are not using fuel.. just put the tube of hydroger to te airfilter... and contepor it with the air.. i think the combution rating is 1:2 but im not sure yet.. thats why i posted this question here
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