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Passer rating (also known as quarterback rating, QB rating, or passing efficiency in college football) is a measure of the performance of passers, primarily quarterbacks, in gridiron football. There are two formulas currently in use: one used by both the National Football League (NFL) and Canadian Football League (CFL), and the other used in NCAA football. Passer rating is calculated using a player's passing attempts, completions, yards, touchdowns, and interceptions. Passer rating in the NFL is on a scale from 0 to 158.3. Passing efficiency in college football is on a scale from −731.6 to 1261.6.
Since 1973, passer rating has been the official formula used by the NFL to determine its passing leader.

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  1. S

    What does a numerical rating mean? Mechanical equipment or device

    A certain mechanical appliance or device is given a rating that says, a certain operation or a certain movement can be performed some specified thousand times. What does the rating really mean? Was that movement or operation performed until the piece failed? Does it mean some advanced test...
  2. Lapse

    I How to Combine These Two Probabilities?

    I am trying to determine the likelihood of a driver winning a race based on an associated rating as well as the team he drives for. The probability that Driver A beats Driver B = .8504 The probability that Team A beats Team B = .7576 How do I combine these two probabilities, where the outcome...
  3. M

    Bearing (surface) pressure versus load rating

    Hi, From suppliers of bearings, some of them specify the maximum bearing (surface) pressure or the maximum load rating (static or dynamic). What's the difference between this two? And which is most commonly used during selecting and calculating bearings in a mechanical design? Thanks in advance,
  4. T

    How can I convert that Watt peak rating to Megawatt?

    Hello everyone. I need to calculate solar energy output (E) from a solar farm. The calculations are based on values from total module surface area in m² (A), panel efficiency (r), solar irradiance (GB) and losses (L) due to dust, cold temperature and ageing, which is estimated to be 0.75. Since...
  5. C

    Non-concrete Firewall 4 hrs rating

    Masonry and Concrete Firewalls have existed since ancient civilization. Now with Rovers moving in Mars and LHC probing new particles. Is it not possible to design Firewalls not made of masonry and concrete 8" thick which are so heavy? Soon we will stay in hotels near the International Space...
  6. L

    B Elo, Glicko, and Truskill rating systems are most probably wrong

    A player has (wins+0.5draws)/(wins+draws+losses)=(200+0.5*0)/(200+0+0) and another has (1200+0.5*0)/(1200+0+1000). This rating shows correctly that the first player is much stronger than the second. Whereas the Elo, Glicko and Truskill rates (roughly about) the first with 800+200*8-0*8=2400 and...
  7. iVenky

    I What would the pdf look like for 'N' chess computers with the same rating

    If we have 'N' advanced computers (where N-> infinity) each with exactly the same rating to begin with and make them play with each other for an infinite number of games, what would the shape of the probability density function of the ratings eventually look like?
  8. tolerl

    Best CT connected energy meter rating for a CT with secondary 5A

    I work in a Maldivian Utility Company. Our engineering team is pretty weak so I don't have anybody in the company to ask even though this is the state electric company. A supplier quoted us 2 CT meters . Rating for one is given as 1A(6A) and other as 5A(20A) which I believe is 1A basic current...
  9. bagasme

    When All TV Programs are Rated on Teen

    Let's say that we have XYZ TV channel, which offers wide variety of programs; from cartoons for children to telenovelas to live sport coverage and news. However, the rating agency for TV programs and films (like ESRB for games) rated all such program on teen (suitable for age 13 and up). The...
  10. Q

    Molecular Formula of different Octane rating gasolines?

    Trying to calculate the enthalpy of combustion for gasolines with different octane ratings, 95 and 91 gasoline in particular. The thing is, they are mixtures and not compounds. To calculate the enthalpy of combustion, I am trying to find the molecular formula for each of the gasolines, in order...
  11. Sid55

    Schottky diode with the correct voltage and current rating

    Non-isolated boost converter Input Voltage: DC8.5V to 50V Output Voltage: DC10V to 60V Max. Ouput Current: 12A Frequency: 150KHz
  12. L

    Thermodynamic Systems - Power rating and thermal efficiency

    A coal fired steam plant takes in feed water at a temperature of 70°C and produces 15 tonnes of steam per hour at a pressure of 60 bar and temperature 400°C. The fuel consumption rate is 1.5 tonnes per hour and the calorific value of the fuel is 40MJkgˉ¹. Determine the power rating of the boiler...
  13. A

    Automatic Voltage regulator rating

    Hello Everyone, I'm here in a country which has a 220v single phase. My wife's $700 Microwave/Convection oven just arrived from the US. The rating of this appliance is: 110v, 1750 watts, 15 amperes. I've talked to suppliers here and was told to buy an AVR with a rating(wattage) 5 times more of...
  14. Abimotek

    Automotive Honda EU generator -- which is the best oil temperature range rating?

    Please below attached which is best oil in my 4 stroke gen set Honda EU 10i, weather temperature attached in my area. I all so have two oil grades > 4T 10w-30 and Coastal Synthetic Blend 5W-30, please advice which will help the life of the gen set
  15. JCMacaw

    Meaning of fuse current rating for fuse holder

    Does anybody know what the 1/10 meaning is in the current rating description for a fuse holder? 1/10-30A 600V For No. of Fuses For Fuse Current, A Voltage Wire Connection Type For DIN Rail Size, mm Features 1 1/10-30 600V DC/600V AC Screw Terminals 35 Covered Terminals...
  16. T

    Mean Rating Temperature for insulation in ASHRAE

    Hello, Can someone please tell me what the mean rating temperature in the tables provided in ASHRAE fundamentals, ASHRAE standard 90.1&90.2 for chilled water insulation indicates.
  17. G

    Tire rubber durometer rating -- stability

    Hello; I import karting tires from Taiwan , while reviewing a sample tire sent for inspection for our order, I noticed a change in spec. of Duro rating . We spec. them at 65-75D ,this sample came in at 60-65D ..here is the factory response= Hi Gus, The tire factory explained that the tire...
  18. R

    How to understand the Rating of this transformer

    Hello How to know the rating of this transformer
  19. srinaath

    Current rating for an electromechanical contactor

    I have a elctromechanical contactor (contactor is an electrically operated switch - It is larger version of relay) which has following specification, Inductive full load current - 30A Resistive full load current - 40A Why is rated inductive current less than rated resistive current?
  20. srinaath

    Why the insulation rating of a wire depends on voltage?

    I read online that insulation rating of the conductor depends on the voltage rating and not on the current. Can some one explain me how current doesn't contribute to insulation rating? Am i missing something? Kindly explain me
  21. Richie Smash

    What is the Suitable Fuse Rating for the Mains Supply in Question 35?

    Homework Statement Hello, the question is number 35 in this picture here: http://uploads.im/uEWAf.jpg It states, ''A suitable fuse rating for the mains supply has current rating - (A)10A (B)15A (C)30A (D)60AHomework Equations V = IR P = IV P = I^2 R P = V^2/R The Attempt at a Solution I...
  22. Y

    Automotive What limits the max power rating of a V-Belt drive?

    We know that belt drives are limited in their max possible power rating and most high power/torque applications(trucks) use gear drives. I wanted to know the main factor that limits the power/torque rating of belts. Is it Frictional slip or Belt material? If the frictional slip could be...
  23. Cocoleia

    Why does a larger synchronous generator have a better rating

    Homework Statement I read in my notes that "The physical size of a synchronous generator of a particular rating is larger than one of a lower rating" Why is this so ? The Attempt at a Solution Is it because a larger one would be able to supply more power and therefore the rating would be higher ?
  24. G

    How to get the fuse rating you need for a DC power supply

    building a DC supply with a load voltage of 3.3V and load current of 3.3mA. all the books and schematics I'm seeing is that they're putting the fuse in the primary of the transformer, why? if i were to fuse the primary as well how do i get the rating of the fuse that i'll need? its said in my...
  25. Ravenous Travis

    How strict is the voltage rating on laser diodes?

    Hey everyone, this is semi-related to electrical engineering and a quick search didn't appear to turn anything up regarding this question specifically so I figured this is an appropriate place to ask this. I've bought this laser diode rated for 1.9 - 2.2 volts for a project I'm working on. I've...
  26. R

    Question about the power rating of a transformer

    In some aerospace applications you need high voltages in the range of kilovolts. This is commonly supplied by transformers. However, transformers because of their iron cores are heavy. But in aerospace being lightweight is a key requirement. In the thread "Question about power capacity of...
  27. E

    LiPo battery peak current burst C rating

    Hi, as I know the burst C rating usually refers to the max current allowed for 10 seconds. if I need higher current for 1 second, I can do it? The heat is the problem here?
  28. H

    Increase the maximum voltage rating of semiconducter

    Hello, I was wondering if there is any way of increasing a transistor or thyristor maximum voltage ratting in DC? Thanks. Edit: Just to be more precise, I am referring to the off state. I know you can the on state via a resistor.
  29. qnach

    Should journal editors be held accountable for following publication ethics?

    Is there anywhere we can rate each (scientific) journals? Publication ethics is for both sides. Not only authors should follow some ethics, but editors should also follow. There are some journal editors not following praction ethics.
  30. J

    Optimized Autotransformer Rating - 2kVA to 4kVA?

    Homework Statement A single-phase, 2 kVA, 100/200 V transformer is reconnected as an auto-transformer such that its kVA rating is maximum. What is the new rating in kVA? Homework Equations Rating is KV times the current. The Attempt at a Solution For single winding transformer: O/P voltage...
  31. S

    Current Rating of an AC Generator

    Hello, I'm a bit confused on the term current rating in an ac generator. Is it the one in that I can get in the formula: kW= V*I*PF*sqrt(3) ? or the one in kW= V*I*sqrt(3)? The problem is the data that I have is V, PF, kVA only. I can compute the kW using those data but I'm abit confused on...
  32. R

    DC Drive rating to run DC Shunt Generator

    What HP of DC Motor is required to run a 2.5 KW DC Shunt Generator?
  33. L

    MHB Calculating 5-Star Ratings to Reach 4.85 Rating

    Hello guys I was going to ask a question regarding 5 star ratings its a hard one for me but it could be simple for you guys here it is, I've got 1115 ratings ( 5 star max 1 lowest ) * What I know so far is my total rating is 4.80 * 696 of these are 5 star ratings * some of the 1115 have not...
  34. micromass

    Challenge Micromass' math challenges and ranking

    List of challenges: Integral Challenge: https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/micromass-big-integral-challenge.867904/ Counterexample Challenge: https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/micromass-big-counterexample-challenge.869194/ Counterexample Challenge 2...
  35. S

    Soldering PSI Rating: Connecting Air Tank & Valve

    How much PSI can solder take if used on 1/4" threads to connect a air tank and a valve. I think without the solder it will leak air because the threads aren't perfect and i am using a CO2 tank
  36. Yam

    What should be the power rating of the StepDown Transformer?

    Dear Forum Members, I imported an electrical equipment from the US which uses 110v, my country used 220v and as such i need to pirchase a step down transformer. The equipment is a piece of antique and doesn't come with much instructions. I could only get a circuit diagram and i am puzzled by...
  37. K

    Understanding 132kV Transformer Incomer CTs and Their Core Numbers

    what is meaning of this ? 132kV Transformer INCOMER CTs (900-600-300/1-1-1-1-1A) NUMBER OF CORES - 5 is it single CTs package or different CTs ?
  38. S

    What is the required current for maximum torque in a 33 kg cm servo motor?

    I have recently purchased this servo motor ,which has rated stall torque of 33 kg cm at 6V. Statical current :16 mA Stall Current: 3+0.6 AOur technical query is,in order to obtain the maximum torque..what current do we need to be able to supply it Is 16 mc sufficient..or we need 3.5A?
  39. T

    Very simple name-plate question

    If a motor is such-and-such Hp or kW, is that the Output power, or the Input power?
  40. H

    Which rating of generator i can use for 07KW load

    Hello friends, I am doing my collage project in which main concept is to produce electricity from speed backer and want to use this energy for street light. now my que is my total load will be max 0.7 KW and i have no more idea about generator selection so can you please suggest the generator...
  41. D

    Tapered Roller Bearing - Static Radial Rating

    I'm evaluating whether indirectly mounted Tapered Roller Bearings (http://goo.gl/FpOEri) are suitable to withstand a given radial and axial loads in both static and dynamic application. I've managed to find the required dynamic load rating C_90 (or C_10) with the help of the book "Mechanical...
  42. L

    Understanding Power Ratings and Energy Usage: A Case Study

    For example A computer with a power rating of 400w is switched on for 5 hours for a period of one week. What is the amount of electrical energy used? I calculated using E=PxT 400w x (5hours x 7daysx 60mins x 60 seconds) =50400000j But the answer is 14kwh Why...
  43. R

    Splitting power between cables by rating

    How are power distribution cables parallel-ed to split loads optimally? If the cables were exactly identical this would be easy but how is it achieved in general? e.g. Say there's a 11 kV to 420 V distribution transformer but the primary load is some distance away. Assume the load increases...
  44. T

    What is the meaning of the 5 kVa rating in a 240:120 V transformer?

    Homework Statement "A 5 kVa, 240:120 V transformer.." I am just wondering what the 5kVa refers to Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution is it ##5 kVA = \sqrt{P_{total}^2+Q_{total}^2}## or is it ##5 kVA = I_1V_1 =I_2V_2##
  45. MushroomLT

    Can a different Ohm rating resistor burn a pc motherboard?

    Hello, my motherboard recently has stopped working, so I returned it to warrany, they fixed it, but after a few months the board broke again, but unfortunatly the warranty has ran out, so I'm attempting to fix it myself in the freetime :D So I have found a resistor on the motherboard, that looks...
  46. K

    Required current rating of 3-phase power system

    My background is mechanical engineering so not great with the electrical side. I plan on buying a air-preheater (resistive wire heated) which has a power rating of 30kW, supplied by 3-phase. I need to determine whether my 3-phase supply (415V 32A) has a max current that can cope with this. My...
  47. K

    The relationship between brightness of bulb and power rating

    I came across a question: Four bulbs with different power rating, bulb A (240V, 40W), bulb B (110V, 36W), bulb C (12V, 60W) and bulb D (6V, 0.5W) are connected to relevant power sources. Which bulb is the brightest. At first, i thought the highest power will be the brightest. But the answer is...
  48. H

    What Wattage Rating Is Needed for a 33Ohm Resistor in a 9V, 1A Circuit?

    Hello, I am new to any type of engineering and just have been working with Arduinos and other microcontroller lately for fun. I am creating a prototype for a project that requires me to use a 9V power supply with 1Amp to power the Arduino(note, the arduino only needs around 300mA to run). I...
  49. zug

    What is the minimum wattage rating the resistor should have?

    Homework Statement [/B] The question "What is the minimum wattage rating the resistor should have?" comes after a previous problem I did to determine the maximum and minimum current when given a resistors tolerance. Here are all the values from that problem, some aren't really important but...
  50. K

    Calculate Energy consumption by the adapter from its rating

    I want to calculate the total energy consumed by my lan switch in one month. It has a AC adapter with rating--> Input = 100-240V ~ 0.6A Output = 5V - 1500 mA Note:First I will calculate in joules then convert it in kWh. At first, i was considering calculating using the input rating so the...