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Hypothesis about black holes

  1. Apr 19, 2005 #1
    lately i have been thinking of an hypothesis about black holes..
    it is not completly on the Bh's level
    but includes a higher level..
    a universal level..

    Is there a probability of a gigantic black hole that envelopes our universe and is shrinking it?
    and that could explain the notion of inifinity...
    let's stay the whole universe is being shrunk by this gigantic BH,
    therefore it ends up by a point..
    afterwards.. when it has concentrated all of the existing mass.. it divulges and expand..
    this could explain the theory of expansion and contraction..
    let's say if we are now expanding..
    it will have a spherical motion.. the force diffused from the black hole is expanded towards a south gravitational field and then pulled north where it is contracted..

    well it is very difficult to explain for me since i am still a 17 year old senior student at high school..
    but maybe an illustration can help me..
    i need some materials..
    it's not now in my hands..
    thus, i will wait

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    true, i like the way you discuss stuff :P. On to the curved space bit. I was in the bath the other day when i noticed something, a way to show curved space was right under my right arm. A single bubble floating on the surface, and i noticed something, it created a dent in the water (obviously not very big) but when it came close to smaller bubbles they connected and started to spin around the bigger bubble. i thought it was a great way to show it in a nice and easy way, but its really good to see it happen yourself even if it is just in the bath with some bubbles.
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    Actually i have already discussed this and i believe someone else has already theorised this. My own thinking is that we are thinking too small about the center of the universe and actually we are inside the center, it is just so big we cant see the edge of the middle yet.
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    well i guess that bubble sliding is due to forces of friction on the sphere (big bubble).. i didn't understand how did u relate BHs to your observation?
  6. Apr 19, 2005 #5
    i said at the start i wanted to discuss black holes and curved space, that was on curved space.
  7. Apr 19, 2005 #6
    ok now i understand what you have meant;
    but if u suggest that we are in the center of the universe
    otherwise said: "the universe defined by our theories constitute only a center of i don't know what"
    are you trying to say that it infinite?
    because in what i have theorised (i didn't read it anywhere)
    i didn't say it is infinite
  8. Apr 19, 2005 #7
    no, i said that your theory has already been done, the theory i then listed afterwards is my own and nothing to do with your black hole theory, i dont think that your theory works myself but i could be wrong.
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