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Homework Help: Hypothetical 'black hole'/electron atom

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    I have been asked to consider an atom formed between an electron and 'black hole' i.e. a point singularity with mass and no charge. I should find the mass of the black hole Mh such that the energy levels of this atom would be identical to the energy levels of a hydrogen atom

    I'm fairly sure I can calculate a mass that would give the same energy of the n=1 orbital (13.6eV) at the Bohr radius a0 by considering gravitational rather than EM interactions, but I'm having difficulty grasping the notion of quantised gravitational orbits. Are all 'energy levels' quantised?

    Cheers guys
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    You are maybe thinking there are complications here when there aren't. When you solve schrodingers equation for the hydrogen atom, you aren't quantizing the EM field. You are only quantizing the electron. The field itself is a classical electric field. There isn't any problem replacing that with a gravitational field that generates the same inverse square potential. No need to do quantum gravity.
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    I always end up doing that! It's the 'levels' aspect of it that threw me. Got a reasonable value out of it now, thanks Dick
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