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I am teaching myself chemistry

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    Yes. I am teaching myself this subject and things are going very well. Been working through the books for one month and getting a solid knowledge of the subject. It's not easy by any means but I am working hard at it. I am preparing for the GAMSAT test next year which contains a considerable amount of Chemistry. So far I'm just powering through collegiate first year chemistry but I'm planning on attacking some Organic Chem when i'm finished. Then I'll move on to physics (I really have no clue about that subject either) and finally biology, which I am fairly decent with.

    Well there you go guys, that's me in a nutshell. I'll be posting on this forum a lot over the coming years. Looking forward to interacting with some fine gentlemen and of course, some fine ladies too.

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    Trying to start a meth lab in your neighborhood?
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    You mean..
    Trying to start a math lab in your neighborhood?
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    yes. Kids these day need to learn more math. :P
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    Well, you know they say that's the reason people take the GAMSAT. So they'll have the excuse :wink:
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    You're an autodidact.
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